36 Volt Trolling Motor

Only small and medium trolling motors can use a single 12-volt marine battery. But for those larger motors usually use 24 volt and 36 volt systems and 2 or 3 marine batteries, respectively. These motors are wired in a series pattern.

For those anglers who wanted to spend more time catching those big targets, the long wait is over! For quick battery replacement keep spare batteries on board with 12-volt easy battery connections. This 32-volt trolling motor is as easy to connect and replace batteries without any hassle. In addition, there are no tools needed for the removal and replacement of batteries. Using the Connect-Ease series of products will connect any 12V battery with any device easily and quickly. Check this out!

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24 Volt Trolling Motor

This 24 Volt trolling motor also has an excellent quick connect-disconnect system like 36 Volt trolling motor. This is also good for those who want to disconnect or replace the battery in an easy way and hooked up easily every time. When your battery doesn’t have enough power, this 24-volt trolling motor can easily replace the battery in tight and good compartments without any hassle. Using this 24-volt marine battery will easily connect everything in just a short of time. Check how the 24-volt wiring goes!

Onboard chargers have positive and negative leads for each battery. Simply connect each bank of the charger to each battery respectively.

To avoid shorts or explosions, ensure your positive terminals are properly covered with electrical tapes to prevent in contact with other metal objects or battery connections.

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Examples of 36 Volt Trolling Motors

MotorGuide X5 Fb Digital 36V Trolling Motor

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This MotorGuide X5 Fb Digital 36V Trolling Motor on your boat. It has an excellent boat stability, control and great response because of its Variable Ratio Steering (VRS), which eliminates steering feedback.

So this trolling motor will definitely satisfy you according to your choices and expectations. This trolling motor comes with MotorGuide X5 Fb Digital 36V Trolling Motor and owner’s manual. It has 2 years limited warranty. You can use this exclusively for freshwater. It has 105 lbs. of thrust. The steering style is cable while the steering control is the foot. It has 36 Amp draw and mounted on bow location.

It’s designed with a corrosion-resistant shaft, strong composite and stainless exterior. These components are for its protection against shock and other bad conditions. You can use this one for boats 18’ to 23’ only. And it comes with a 2-blade weedless propeller and cool-running power electronics. Aside from those features, this trolling motor was designed with digital variable speed control. It also includes aircraft-grade aluminum with a snapback breakaway mechanism.

Minn Kota’s Vantage

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Minn Kota is one of the best trolling motors for larger vessels. This motor runs off 24 and 36-volt deep cycling marine respectively. It also maximizes speed control and battery life. It will definitely give you an excellent and quiet motor. Also, it will join with you for long days on the water.

But this trolling motor uses Minn Kota’s Weedless Wedge 2 design. The blades are wider and swept back. These blades also glide through weeds and cut down on the prop getting bogged down. The hand tiller has a maximum extension of 31’’. And it has the ability to tilt the angle up to 45 degrees. It also serves as the control board.

This Minn Kota’s Vantage has also the best feature, the ease of back-trolling. As we all know, back-trolling is a critical technique for most fishing techniques. And the Minn Kota’s Vantage will definitely make it easier by just rotating the directional indicator 180 degrees. After that, it snaps back into place and you will have an instant change of direction.

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova i-Pilot Trolling Motor

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Another one from Minn Kota! This Riptide Terrova is one of the most popular 36-volt trolling motors nowadays. If you are worried for power and control, no need to worry anymore, this trolling motor has 112 pounds of thrust. In addition, it has GPS remotes and stows and deploys it easily with its new Lift-Assist Design. It is one of the talks in the market for it can fight in saltwater.

This trolling motor has a good control against heavy chop, wind, waves without so many quivers. It has also a detailed battery meter which lets you see how much battery you have on the water. Its weedless wedge 2 prop pushes weeds away without draining the battery. The wedges swept back and blades are flared for an excellent and reliable prop performance.

Unlike other shafts, Minn Kota’s shaft is stronger than steel. Because it flexes on impact and indestructible from corroding. It runs cooler and quieter at the same time without wasting so much battery power and reduces friction because of its bearing system.

This trolling motor is made of premium-grade alloys which stays tough as nails and durable. It also has layers of protection where the elements are truly protected. If you are worried about its quality, the producers used metals that are properly balanced and composite shaft to prevent galvanic corrosion. It is backed up with a two-year warranty.

This i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link apps allow you to navigate your trolling motor and can easily access software updates directly from your mobile device. You can receive notifications when updates are available.


I guess you’re now ready for an extreme enjoyment this weekend? Are you ready to grab your 36 Volt Trolling Motors? Well, this 36 Volt trolling motors might be expensive for its extraordinary features, specifications, and functions it has. If you can afford, why not try this one out? But if not, it’s okay to have just 24 Volt trolling motor or just buy it next time. The important thing is, you enjoy what you are doing. Enjoy fishing!

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