The days of having old, bulky tackle boxes are thankfully over. Nowadays, having ways to carry tackle on the go is key. Although duffle bags and satchels have partially taken over the space, one of the best innovations we have seen is the introduction of purpose built tackle backpacks.

Tackle backpacks are perfect for fishing on the go and bringing everything you need with you right on your back. Lugging around the heavy, bulky tackle boxes is just not feasible anymore and now there are the options of multi function bags that are ideal for handling gear in non-traditional ways.

What Is A Tackle Backpack?

Tackle backpacks are a purpose built fishing accessory that allows an angler to effectively store and transport equipment they will need to fish. It is built to house tackle boxes, often up to four, that can store lures, hooks, weights and more. It will also have straps to attach rods, and reel compartments.

Luckily most of these tackle backpacks are pretty easy on the wallet as well as the shoulders. These are 6 of the best we have found. Most of these can be found on Amazon and we have linked to there when possible.

If you want to know which one we have and recommend it is the tackle backpack below from Ego, it is just better equipped and offers the size to be packed with gear for multiple styles of fishing. It means it doubles as a fishing gear storage option on its own in our smaller flat!

6 Of The Best Fishing Tackle Backpacks

Ego Tackle Box Backpack (Fisher and Hunter Recommendation)

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Ego Kryptek Tackle Box, Fishing Pack with 4 Accessory Trays, Water Resistant PVC, Multiple Storage Pockets,...
  • RUGGED TACKLEBOX- Nylon fabric with PVC coated backing that offers excellent tear strength and high abrasion...
  • Large Cut Molle Loops - Conveniently add your favorite tactical fishing accessories for easy transport and access;...
  • G- Hook Closure System Offers quick access and long-lasting hardware to keep your items secure.
  • STORAGE & G-HOOK- Plenty of storage for all of your fishing gear plus a cooler on top. G-Hook closure system offers...

One of the highest-rated tackle backpacks in the game is the Ego. This brand maximizes the space given to store trays while out in the field. The drawback to many backpacks is that it can only fit two or three tackle trays. This one easily fits four large trays with room for another four smaller ones in the top compartment.

Storage and comfort are the two biggest factors to keep in mind when buying a tackle backpack. The Ego certainly hits on both with an emphasis on storage. The outside material is water resistant which makes it great for kayaking or fishing in places with rain.

There are plenty of storage options, for mobiles, sunglasses drinks and more. It will not be the cheapest offering you will find but it will be one of the most versatile!

Bass Pro Shops Advanced Anglers II (security in the brand)

Bass Pro Shops is one of the industry’s leading retailers in the outdoor space. Given their huge platform, they have been able to produce some excellent products. One of which is the Advanced Anglers II tackle backpack.

There are four total utility boxes that come with the purchase and it can hold a couple more. You can fit a good amount of tackle in this bag, so you will have a bit of everything on deck just in case.

This is a good middle ground bag that is not quite as big as the Ego tackle backpack above, and with its smaller form it may suit for longer walking trips to the water. However that smaller form will still hold enough tackle to keep you busy, and its comes with water resistance and a rain cover.

Plano Weekend Series 3700 Tackle Backpack (comes with utility boxes)

One of the leading producers of tackle storage in the world is Plano. This company is famous for creating fantastic tackle trays and boxes. So, it is only natural that this same company has moved into the tackle backpack niche as well.

The Plano Weekend Series 3700 brings a great deal of comfort along with holding everything you need on the trail. One issue with some tackle backpacks is that it is look like they are built more like a tacklebox than a backpack, or a canvas version of one at least. This is not the case with this option.

They do a great job of creating an actual backpack that also holds tackle. This makes it easier to walk longer distances with.

One perk of buying this bag is that you get three Plano branded utility trays included in the purchase. So, if you want to stick with a brand that is proven to deliver quality in the space, the Plano 3700 is a great choice.

Bassdash Water Resistant Tackle Backpack (we love this one)

I love this tackle backpack, I mean I LOVE IT. If I was allowed to buy it (I have way WAY too many bags I have been informed) It has more compartments, sections, removeable items and nooks and crannies than any bag I have ever seen, tackle or otherwise – and I own camera backpacks as well!

It is a great choice for those of use (me included) that enjoy a little gadget or gimmick or two in our daily lives. This bag has sections for almost everything. So many that i have an over whelming desire to list them so at least some of you buy it even if I can’t!!

  • 2 in 1 cooler backpack
  • separate insulated lunch bag! ( for food and cans!
  • moveable inner clapboard to change the size of the internal compartment
  • fits 3 tackle boxes ( one thing you have to get these separately)
  • Side pockets and front pockets
  • hard molded section for sunglasses, phone.
  • Water bottle holder
  • Rod holder pockets and straps for nets
  • built in rain cover at the bottom
  • additional zipped compartment at the bottom

There is not a lot it doesn’t come with and that’s just half the list. That insulated and padded lunch box is really a nice touch and if you don’t use it to pop in some sandwiches then how about your GO Pro or your drone! Then you can make some videos for YouTube and allow the bag to pay for its self!

Spiderwire Tackle Backpack (great for portability)

One of the more compact and affordable options on this list is the Spiderwire Tackle Backpack. This bag is perfect for those who do not want to drag around a ton of gear and desire to keep it simple. If you want to fit a bunch of tackle trays and have 10 different compartments, there are plenty of other options. The Spiderwire one does not fit that mold.

This version is a bit different than the others, because it has many uses besides holding tackle during fishing trips. In fact, it is designed for that plus hiking, cycling, and more. Most backpacks have two straps and a very specific way to use it. This model has just one strap to go on either shoulder. There are also a few compartments that are meant to hold sunglasses, pliers, and more, but the idea of minimalism shines through.

So, keep this off your list of options if you love to carry way too much gear that you probably won’t use at all, but definitely put it on your list if you are looking to walk long distances, or if you want something small to put in the car and attach a telescopic rod too for those days when you spot a sweet fishing spot and just wish you had some gear to hand.

If you don’t have a telescopic rod then its worth checking out this article, there are some really good ones out there for under 50 dollars now.

Piscifun Outdoor Tackle Bag

Piscifun is a brand that is known around the world and has its hand in many areas of the fishing industry. One area they are in is the tackle storage space. The Piscifun Outdoor Tackle Bag is one of the most versatile options on this list.

It fits the space between hold all and backpack, for me this is a space that never seems to quite work, but if you are looking for something with a more general use for beaches or picnics or similar then this one could be worth casting your eye over.

6 Of The Best Fishing Tackle Backpacks

Benefits of a Tackle Backpack.

In truth I didn’t know I needed this till I got one, the opportunity to be able to have a properly designed bag / backpack for my fishing gear is such a great change. Prior to this I had a toolbox / rigid type that while useful was a complete pain to move around with. So below are some of the reasons over the more traditional rigid tackle boxes you can consider if you are thinking about moving to a dedicated fishing tackle backpack.

  • Way easier to transport both in the car and on foot
  • Can (easier) attach rods and store reels in it.
  • Offers multiple purpose uses.
  • some come with coolers for both food and ( at a push) your catch
  • organized storage and easier to access.
  • lighter than plastic versions.

Final Thoughts

We have listed here are some of the best tackle backpacks (in our humble opinion) on the market today! Hopefully this list has helped you figure out what you are looking for in a bag.

They come at many price points and with many features but the selection above has covered most budgets and most use cases we will come across and we hope it has helped you.

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