Catching a big fish not a joke, right? I hear you now asking “Yes, you’re right. But how could I catch a fish easily?” There is a tool that could help you solve that problem without spending too much money. Do you know what that is? It is a lure. Let’s see the discussion about seven good Saltwater Fishing Lures.

Lure can help you in so many ways when fishing. Beautiful lures are crafted and designed creatively from the fish structure and face too. It is definitely used by the anglers and fishermen to catch big and fresh fishes under the water. There is no limitation in using your beautiful and favorite lures of all time. You can use it both in saltwater and freshwater, so you can enjoy wherever you want to go fishing. Don’t worry about the place or country you’re living in. Lures work everywhere as long as you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

There are many kinds of lure that are produced and used every year around the world – different designs, kinds of fish and texture. So, I will not make you wait any longer! Now, I’ll give you the seven (7) types of fishing lures that are essential in saltwater fishing.

Berkly Gulp Shrimp

In fishing, all you need to do is to trick all saltwater species to get them all. Since most water species eat shrimp then this one is a good tricking tool for your target ones. The Berkly Gulp Shrimp is one of the famous artificial shrimp that has been used all over the world. It has the quality and it is less expensive than other lures.

Now, there is a bunch of shrimp that were designed in different colors and sizes. But the most consistent bites of the two are white shrimp and the “New Penny” color like this one above.

Topwater Lure/ Popper

This type of fishing lure is usually floating above the surface of the water to attract a fish. There are a bunch of beautiful topwater lures to choose from. One of the most famous topwater lures is the original Zara Spook Topwater Plug by Heddon. The recommended Spook topwater lure is within 4.5-5 inches. Do you know what the best color for this lure is? It is Bone White. It is always a safe bet, actually.

There is one pretty expensive topwater lure but high quality and worth the price, the Yo-Zuri Sashimi Metallic Sardine Popper which can be very effective anywhere in the world.

Soft Plastic Fluke (Jerkbait)

This Fluke is one of the most incredible lures of all time. Whether in freshwater or saltwater, this fluke is killing it. This lure is weedless which allows you to fish them close to the top or put a hook and fish them a bit lower. This lure can surely compete with other lures.

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait/Slashbait

Spending your time fishing could never be satisfying if there is no lure and this Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait could be one of your favorites now. This lure is designed creatively and looks amazing under the water! This awesome jerkbait is made for excellent performance in the 3-8 feet depth range. The depth is too shallow, isn’t it? But don’t worry, this lure can handle it. You can try this one right away!

MirrOLure Suspending Twitchbait

At the first look of it, isn’t it cool? This twitchbait is one of the coolest twitchbaits out there.  It is designed to mimic a glass minnow which makes it natural baitfish for kayak fishing in saltwater and freshwater. It is effective and functional when targeting fishes. This could be a good one for you. This MirrOLure comes also in different cool colors, sizes, and shapes. If you have the skills of an angler then it must be easy for you. It has a unique design and style that could easily attract the targets.

White Bucktail

This white bucktail surprisingly glows in the water which attracts living species in the water and stuck on its hook. It comes in all kinds of beautiful colors and flairs. It can mostly catch fishes like redfish, snook, and even tarpon just using this one and only white bucktails. The white bucktails are proven and tested by many anglers and fishermen. You can add some flairs or plastic tail that trails off the hook.

Gold Spoon

This gold spoon works better than all spoons and attracts more saltwater and freshwater species. The most famous gold spoon is called the Johnson Sprite Spoon. Gold spoon is dense and thin. It casts well and far. As it becomes famous, the gold spoon has now different sizes and colors, single hook spoons and even treble hook spoons, weedless spoons and many more. This one is really attractive under the water and can easily attract water species easily.

I know you are all excited to go fishing right now and these lures are one of the reasons why, right? Even those who are skilled anglers and fishermen all over the world need lures to make it easy for them to catch few fishes at their favorite fishing spots. Even you are young, old, men or women; you can enjoy fishing using lures whenever and wherever you want.

There is no limitation to have it. There are such varieties of lures available for you but this is such a headache to choose when you are only a beginner. That’s why I hope the information above will help you recognize and choose what lures you want. There are new designs that do not last long or vice-versa.

Not all lures are expensive so be sure to purchase and choose wisely when it comes to lures. You can buy a bunch of different lures and try it out to decide and come up with the best lure you will buy next time. Overcome your fears in fishing and try to be brave. Get all your equipment ready. Have a great nice day of fishing!

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