Abu Garcia was founded in 1921 by Morrum in Svangsta, Sweden and Carl August Borgstrom founded AB Urfabriken. The company produced telephone timers, pocket watches and taxi meters. Borgstrom was a very talented man for light precision engineering. The skills he had acquired during his time in watchmaking factory in the Halda. This fishing rod and spinning reel are perfect for fishing.

As time goes by, World War ll approached and caused a worst decline in the demand for taxi meters.

Despite the happenings during his times, he never loses hope and redirected his path by his talent and skills toward the development of fishing reels used by the anglers and fishermen around the world.

Abu Garcia later on received an honor of being chosen as “Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court”. An award that means a group of manufacturers is consistently exceeding its standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Abu Garcia greatly influenced the sport fishing community. Until today, the company itself remained exceeding and committed to its industry leadership position by producing highest quality and most innovative and creative products for the anglers.

Abu Garcia Professionals

Abu Garcia will not be as successful today without the help and contributions of these talented, creative and professional anglers. They have won several awards by using most of their equipment and materials of the Abu Garcia famous rods and reels. Let me introduce them to all of you.

fishing rod

Jeff “Jiggy” Andresen is from Baxter, Minnesota. And he achieved first place in Musky Tournaments including one of the largest payouts in the history of Musky Tournaments and one of the largest tournaments with over 700 anglers.

But he was featured on several TV programs. He also had given a special mention and credit for catching the largest Musky in the history of In-Fisherman TV. His favorite Abu Garcia products are Revo NaCL and Volatile Rod 8’6’’.

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Mark Courts is from Harris, Minnesota. He was a 2008 PWT Champion. He placed first in Professional Walleye Tournaments. His favorite Abu Garcia products that he usually use are Revo SX Spinning and Veracity Rods.

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Hunter Shryock is from Newcomerstown, Ohio. He was the top 10 finish and the founder of 496 films. His favorite Abu Garcia products are Revo MGX Low Profile Reel and Veracity Rod.

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 Mike Iaconelliis from Runnemede, New Jersey. He was awarded as the BASS Angler of the Year in 2006, BASS Master Classic Winner in 2003.

He has 15 Bass Master Classic appearances and first Place finishes, His favorite Abu Garcia products are Ike Signature Series Rods, Revo MGXtreme Low Profile Reel and Veritas 2.0 Rod.

The Importance of Rod and Reel Combinations

Sadly to say but some anglers still don’t know about the importance of the combination of great fishing rod and spinning reel in their sport which is fishing.

Anglers don’t need to have several rods and reels but with the right rods and reels you can catch just about anything in that swims in the saltwater and freshwater.

You don’t need to buy expensive rod and reel combos. However, expect that there are reasonably priced rod and reel combos that will enhance your talent and skills in fishing without spending too much money.

Look for combos that will truly give you the highest quality and satisfy your needs and expectations. If you admit that you are not yet expert in fishing but you have great and expensive combos, practice your skills! And if you have a great skills paired with excellent reel and rod combos, then that would be perfect!

Make sure to know that your rod and reel fall within each other’s line rating parameters. Match the weight of your reel to the rod that is heavy enough to reduce rod tip weight as possible so that the rod will remain parallel to the ground when held in the anglers’ hand. It is just enough to get the correct balance of rod and reel.

Now, I’ll give you the best Abu Garcia rod and reel combos.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo

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The Abu Garcia Pro Max Combo comes with a great reel and rod. The reel has 7 stainless steel bearing that will make the operation smooth.

The spool is made of anodized aluminum that gives the angler enough strength to face and fight a hard fish.

It also has a great power rag system that helps ensuring smooth operation and the reel is provided with Abu Garcia’s excellent Rocket line management. Its grip handle allows the angler to remain in control and balance.


  • The rod is lightweight and well balanced
  • EVA grip handle is comfortable and firm
  • Casting the rod is easy
  • Compact bent handle
  • It has a Power Disk drag system
  • Recessed reel foot


  •  The blank is made of 2-ton graphite which becomes sensitive and needs high maintenance

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

fishing rod

This Abu Garcia Black Max Combo is one of the low prices in the market. This combo has a one-piece graphite frame and side plates which makes it very solid and almost has zero flex.

The grips are very comfortable even with a slime-covered hand. Its external brakes are made for quick and simple adjustments even with thicker lines which tend to behave well on its reel.

The Power Disk drag system operates smoothly and exactly how it should be. This trolling reel has a class-leading performance and lightweight design.

$Its graphite frame and body, drag star and compact blend handle provide more ergonomic and comfortable feeling all day. Most anglers say that its value and reliability is proven.


  • Duragear brass gear
  • Recessed reel foot
  • One piece graphite frame
  • 24 Ton graphite construction
  • High density EVA handles
  • MegaTrax brake system
  • Affordable


  • Pull a bit of line out manually to wake up the drag system

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo


fishing rod

This Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo incorporates with advanced ergonomics. It has an updated style. The reel includes a new Rocket clutch mechanism that allows anglers to engage or disengage the spool with only one hand.

It eliminates the need for anglers to turn the handle. It is great and perfect for flipping, pitching or back trolling techniques.

The graphite frame and body as well as the compact bent handle and drag star gives an ergonomic feel all day. It also has a Power Disk drag system that allows the operation run smoothly.


  • It has 5 stainless steel bearings and 1 roller bearing that provides smooth operation
  • Its machined aluminum spool provides strength without adding some weight
  • Duragear bass gear for extended gear life
  • It has a MagTrax brake system that gives consistent brake pressure
  • Compact bent handle
  • Recessed reel foot
  • One piece graphite frame and side-plates
  • Lightweight and balanced design
  • High density EVA handles
  • Durable and comfortable

Abu Garcia Orra S Spinning Combo

fishing rod

This Abbu Garcia’s Orra S Spinning Combo has six stainless steel bearings and one roller bearing that ensure smooth performance. Its c6 body design with a combination of X-Craffic gearbox design gives a perfect alignment within the reel’s lightweight construction.

The Rocket line management is provided for better performance in casting control of all types of fishing lines.

The system controls the string or line from the spool during a cast for a good control and accuracy. The stainless steel main shaft improves corrosion resistance while the Everlast bail system gives durability.

It is paired with a 24 ton graphite rod which gives the anglers a lightweight and balanced fishing combo.


  •  It has six stainless steel HPCR bearing plus one roller bearing that provides corrosion protection
  •  Lightweight and balanced design
  •  The Rocket line management gives better control of all fishing lines
  • The Rocket spool lip design provides good control of line coming off the spool
  • Slow Oscillation provides even line lay
  • The Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system for smooth and reliable drag performance.
  • Stainless steel main shaft for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel guides with Titanium oxide inserts

Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile Combo

fishing rod

This Abu Garcia Revo X Low Profile has one of the leading components like a high quality 30 ton rod blank.

The rod is durable for it has a stainless steel guide frames and excellent EVA handles for a comfortable use. It features a Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system for a reliable performance.


  •  It has 7 stainless ball bearings and 1 roller bearing that provides a smooth operation
  •  For corrosion resistance, the alloy frame is made of X2-Craftic
  • Duragear brass gear for extended gear life
  • DuraClutch provides good engagement and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Compact bent handle and star

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