Beach Fishing and Surf Casting, as great as they look on photos, are one of the most unforgiving environments to fish in, in our opinion. Although the thought of being on a white sand beach, with the waves lapping at the shore sounds idyllic, and is, the sun burn you are going to get after a couple of hours certainly isn’t! Consider a beach shelter or beach fishing tent is going to extend the amount of time you can fish.

Similarly standing on an East coast beach with horizontal rain soaking you to the skin with nothing more that your waterproofs and a winning attitude isn’t going to add up to a great day. Even if you are landing fish after fish. You are going to need a beach fishing tent or shelter.

The best fishing tent or bivvy for beach and surf fishing should be stable enough to withstand wind, rain and sun. Fishing shelters will include a SPF factor of 50+, water resistance, preferably waterproofing and sturdy enough to stand in strong winds. The exact features depend on the fishing environment.

Best shelter for fishing

You will often sea (hahah) lake fisherman with what amount to almost safari style tents and bivvies set up as they hunt for carp or other species. They have the advantage of probably being able to park their car just a few meters away from their spot and then transport the gear. Anyone who has walked in sand will tell you that might not be as easy for the beach and surfcasting angler. If you are looking for reel and tackle ideas try this page.

So we can take look at the more portable of beach fishing tent options here, and one that has all the bells and whistles ( just to cast a longing glance at) However all are suitable for helping to keep the elements at bay, some more than others of course.

If you want to skip right to what we think is a great option it is the Easthills Outdoors Extended Easy Up Beach Tent. It is taller and allows for both a zip up door AND is a little taller. It is waterproof for light showers. We bought one for the family on the beach, and I thought it was pretty good so got another for fishing.

beach tents for surfcasting

Best Tents and Bivvies For Beach and Surf Fishing.

We will split this into two sections as no beach is the same. The first sections is for those white sand, sunny day beach and surf fishing trips. Where the sun and shade from it will be the major concern. As well as potential keeping the family entertained while you fish.

The second is for more extreme types of weather and protection from the rain and wind. If you want to to jump straight to that section click here. We have also included price checks and links where needed.

Warm Weather Surf and Beach Fishing Bivvies and Tents

1. Pacific Breeze Beach Tents

This is a great all-round surfcasting shelter, There is enough space for 3 to 4 people inside this tent, although better with 2 and all the fishing gear. The weight is less than 7 pounds. So is perfectly transportable. The easy erect and take down system means it can be handled by a single angler.

When you transport this tent, you will notice that it can be packed quite easily, without taking much space. It has a very useful UPF 50+ protection to stop sunburn on sunny days. It has water-resistant polyester material, so which will protect against light rain showers, but not a server downpour.

It is secured with weighted pockets that you fill with sand, so will stay in place with winds, but not gale-force strength or anything similar. However for warm weather its UV protection, opening windows and size make it great for a day beach fishing. With the added bonus of being great for a day at the beach not fishing as well!


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Water repellant
  • 3 large windows
  • 5 sand pockets
  • Carry case included


  • Water resistant not water proof
  • Fits 2 beach chairs bit not a lot else
  • Reports of it fraying under stress
  • More pricey option

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent Deluxe XL with extendable Floor for Privacy, SPF 50+ Pop Up Beach Tent...
  • Specially designed hub system showcases industry leading design. Allows for fast and easy setup
  • The Deluxe XL version is lightweight and compact, weighing just over 6 pounds and folding down to a travel size of...
  • The tent is 95 L x 52 H x 51 D, providing a spacious interior shelter that comfortably fits 3-4 people. The beach...
  • Includes a carrying case, 5 sand pockets for added stability in windy conditions, and 4 stakes

2. EasyGo Products CoverU Sports Shelter

The unique shape of this tent offers more head room and if you squeeze in tightly enough for two skinny chairs, or one very comfortably. It is easy to put up in 3 steps which helps if you need to do it in a hurry. It is tall, which for beach and surf fishing is actually a bonus.

It is made of a layer of 185T polyester which protects you against the strong UV rays. It is also water repellent, which means that you will not get wet by the rain unless it really starts pouring. It also comes with an attached floor and with pockets to keep phones and other valuables out of the elements.

The added height means it is possible to stand in it, and possible to put some rod set ups read to go when needed. This is a nice touch, and not that often seen with any fishing bivvies’ or beach tents. It also has openable windows to let in the breeze.

You will be able to carry this as a fishing shelter pretty easily as it only weighs 5 pounds and it can be folded in a small package. It comes with a shoulder wearable bag. This allows you to use your hands for the other beach fishing gear.

CoverU Sports Shelter � 1 Person Weather Tent Pod (Black ) � Patented
  • Easy Set Up � Our patent pending design is the easiest to set up and take down. Just 3 easy steps: 1) Remove the...
  • Patent Pending � Our new and innovative design is patent pending. We designed our CoverU to be lightweight,...


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Water repellant
  • Openable windows
  • Tall (almost enough to stand)
  • Carry case included
  • Very Light


  • Water resistant not water proof
  • Can fit two chairs just.
  • Great for one, tight for two
  • Under 80 Dollars

3. Easthills Outdoors Extended Easy Up Beach Tent

This beach tent is our go to choice in good weather. It comes in cheaper than other options but is still feature packed. It weighs only 5 pounds and is easy to carry in its own dedicated bag. As with all of these pop up tents there is a learning curve needed to take it down, but it is easier than most.

It has huge mesh windows and room for two chairs. What is great for beach and surf fishing is the extendable porch at the front, it means you can keep surf casting and beach fishing gear to hand when the weather is fine, and store it inside when its not with the zip up doors.

There are pockets at the base of this umbrella which can be filled with sand to offer more stability. The ribs are made of a resistant fiberglass material that will maintain the shape of this tent even in windy conditions. This makes this a useful beach fishing shelter.

4 mesh pockets means you can keep valuables out of the way, and the material is, like the others offers 50+UPF protection. It is weatherproof but isn’t designed to withstand heavy downpours. Still it makes it a nice and big beach fishing shelter option for only 75 Dollars.

Sale 51%
Easthills Outdoors Instant Shader Extended L Easy Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter for 2-4 Person - Extended Zippered...
  • LARGE SPACE. The Instant Shader L uses easy setup mechanism and includes a step-by-step instruction sewed inside...
  • 1 MINUTE (OR LESS!) SETUP TIME AND EASY TO USE. Setting up this tent couldn't be any faster or easier! In case you...
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATER RESISTANT. Crafted from 185T polyester coated with UPF 50+ protection that blocks 97.5%...
  • ZIPPERED FRONT FOR ADDED PRIVACY. The easy to close front of the tent can come in handy when needing to change out...


  • Easy to put up and take down
  • 50+SPF Protection
  • Water repellant
  • Great windows
  • Big zippable porch
  • Pegs and sand bags for stability.
  • Very Light
  • Great price


  • Water resistant not water proof
  • Bag is a little tight when packing away.

Surfcasting shelters

Extreme Weather / Waterproof Beach Fishing and Surfcasting Tents and Bivvies.

Sometimes the weather takes a turn, and you will need something a little stronger than the usual lightweight beach tent to take shelter and keep your self warm and dry. We take a look at three good options here that are suitable for either an extended trip or a little more robust to protect you and your equipment from the rain.

4. Mivnue Pop Up Waterproof Tent

Beach shelters for fishing

This a a great option if you are needing something with more waterproofing. The large door means you can keep an eye on your rods as you are surf casting or beach fishing. However it is a little short so you are going to be sitting on the ground sheet rather than a chair. It might be worth taking an inflatable cushion to do this.

It comes with 2 doors to enable a through breeze, both of which zip up to keep you safe and dry if the rain starts coming down, and unlike the carp tent it only weighs 7 pounds, so is not going to break anyone’s back.

It comes with storage inside and UV protection. It also offers a moisture proof pad as well and a years guarantee! Although designed as a regular tent it can be adapted to use as a fishing shelter.


  • Easy to put up and take down
  • 50+SPF Protection
  • Waterproof / rainproof
  • 2 Full doors
  • Pegs
  • Very Light
  • Great price


  • No sand bags would need pegging
  • fits 2 people
  • zips in keeping with the price

Lovinouse Upgraded 5-8 Person Pop up Camping Tent

Beach shelters

The problems we have, and we haven’t chosen them here, is that a lot of purpose built beach fishing shelters don’t come with a ground sheet. This tent does, although its very thin it is waterproof and big! Although saying it sleeps 8 is pushing it a little. You could get 2 anglers and equipment in there comfortably for a remarkably reasonable price as well!

It is a large tent, but erects easily as its a Pop Up system. However this also means a learning curve ( YouTube helps here!) to fold them back up, and it takes a few tries to nail it. It, is waterproof, and comes with 2 fully opening doors for when its not raining!

For such a large tent to only weigh 6 pounds means they had to compromise somewhere and that was with the thickness. This will be great on sand, but you will need to take care with pebbles. It is also a pegged tent with no sandbags. Although if you have heavy bags in the corners it works just as well.


  • Easy to put up
  • Sun UV protections
  • Waterproof / rainproof
  • 2 Full doors
  • Loads of space inside
  • Very Light
  • Good price


  • No sand bags would need pegging
  • Material pretty strong but thin.
  • Need to practice taking it down.

6. Lucx Leopard Fishing Tent.

Beach and Surf fishing tents

This is not strictly, or actually even loosely, a beach tent. It is a Carp tent. It is designed to stay warm and dry while fishing for that elusive fish the carp. It is a beautiful piece of kit, with a price to match, and although designed to be placed next to a lake, if you are slightly off the beach it would make an awesome place to shelter when the weather rolls in .

However, as we mentioned above tents like these are not designed for long walks across the beach. It weighs in at 44 Pounds. For that you get good waterproofing so you can be sure to stay dry, and it has room for 4 (5 at a push) people to sleep. SO if you have less than that you will have a lot of storage space as well.

It has great windows with mosquito nets so you can have both the breeze and still avoid being eaten alive during the summer. It is also 1.82 meters tall so has headroom to stand for those of us under 6ft.

Lucx Leopard XXL Bivvy Fishing Tent 2, 3 or 4 Person carp Tent 2, 3, 4 Man Fishing Tent carp Dome Fishing Tent...
  • Brand new carp tent for 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5 people from Lucx-Angelsport, with optimal all-round ventilation
  • The material is made of high-quality waterproof, hydrostatic 210D PU nylon fabric with a water column of 10,000 mm
  • With a height of 1.82 cm, the tent offers enough headroom and, with a pack size of just 92 cm in length, fits in...
  • Water column 10,000 mm


  • 4 + people able to sleep
  • 50+SPF Protection
  • Waterproof to 10,000 mm
  • Great windows with Mosquito Net
  • Comes with bag and rubber Mallet
  • 1.85 meters tall.


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Little over the top for a day at the beach

Surf shelters
sometimes you just want the tan!


However you do your fishing you will know that it comes with a little acceptance that you are at the mercy of the elements. Managing that is part of the challenge. We said at the top that beach, and Ice fishing are the two we think offer the most exposure. For both of these you can do something to make the day that little bit better.

A simple sun shelter will work on fine days, and for rain and wind you may need to scale up to something a little more study. The good news is now these don’t have to be difficult to put up, or cost the earth. Anything around 100 dollars will keep you dry and warm, and this means more time fishing!

Where I fish now a good quality beach tent works, one I can sit in and watch the world, and one open enough so I can watch the top of those rods bend! We use the Easthills Outdoors Extended Easy Up Beach Tent because of the extra head height and as we get older it takes a little longer to get up from sitting on the floor!

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