Everybody loves spending time in the water and doing some fun things, right? Fishing is one of the common water activities, isn’t it? But most of us think that fishing is an expensive thing to do- from gears to kayaks. But it is not expensive at all! So you need the best budget.

You don’t need to have expensive gears and kayaks. There good qualities of kayaks and budget-friendly ones.

I know you are all excited to know those affordable kayaks, but let me tell you first the things you should consider before choosing your own kayak.

What Does Really Matter?


Primary stability refers to the behavior of your kayak while at rest in calm water. Narrower kayaks have the less primary stability.

Secondary stability refers to the behavior or stability in motion, like waves or rapids. To sum it up, the narrower the kayak is, the more the probability of secondary stability it has.

It would be uncomfortable to stand in a very long time while fishing, right? There are two ways the paddler can be positioned in the kayak, sit-in, and sit-on.

Sit-ons are wider and shorter which gives your kayak more primary stability than sit-ins.[read more]

Many anglers like kayaks that have a primary stability than those of secondary stability. However, whatever you like between these two will depend on how far you may have to travel while fishing. Kayaks that have good stability are easy to achieve.


If you like to travel from one place to another while fishing then it is good to find for a narrower, sit-in kayak. But if you would like to settle in one area which you think your targets are there and ready to be caught then look into a sit-on kayak which is wider than sit-in kayak.

Also, rocker refers to the amount of curve on the underside of a kayak. The more speed that kayaks will have if your rocker is higher. But if your kayak has a lower rocker, then it will be a slower one.


We all want durable kayaks, right? If you are planning to fish in rocky waters or any place you think your kayak might experience some beating will require more durability but in calm waters, less durability is good and acceptable.

However, if your kayak is more durable it usually increases in weight and could be hard to move around for a single person. You also need to consider if your kayak is going to be used in some water activities also.

There are also different materials most kayaks are made of. Polyethylene- it is the most durable because it is stuck in one mold. Fiberglass- it is also a good choice but not use it against logs or rocky area in the water.

Wood- it is the cheaper and provides poor durability but it has the lightest weight. Carbon-composite- among the four, it is the most expensive material. It is easier to repair and lighter than polyethylene and fiberglass.


It refers to tracking and turning of your kayak. The lower rocker the easier of tracking but poor turning while the higher rocker your kayak has the easier of turning but poor tracking. Sit-on-top kayaks have better tracking abilities than sit-ins kayaks


Make sure your kayaks have enough storage to store your gears and other important materials you need during fishing. The first thing you need to consider is its rod holders. The storage hatches are waterproof do it can make your valuable things and items safe and dry.

The Best Budget Fishing Kayaks

Now that I have given you some tips and information you need to choose the best kayak fishing for you I would like to give you some of the best budget fishing kayaks that are great for every anglers and fishers out there.

1. Pelican Strike 100x

This sit-on top kayak has 325lbs capacity and is made of Ram-x material. It has a great tracking ability and maneuverability. This kayak is good if you plan on fishing long days because of its Egro-band seating system that gives you the best comfort while fishing.


  • It has many accessory mounts
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Paddle tie-downs
  • Storage well with bungee
  • Two (2) hatches (one being a quick-lock hatch for dry storage)


  • Heavier than other kayaks, weights at 57lbs.

2. Perception Pescador

This sit-on-top kayak has a great ability in speed and tracking which make it a good onto use for calm or choppy waters. It also has 350lbs capacity and comes at a 12ft long.


  • Impressive seating system
  • Anchor trolley system
  • Three (3) rod holders (two flush and one Scotty)
  • Paddle park


  • It has poor stability
  • Seat might get wet in choppy water

3. Malibu Kayaks Sierra 10 Pro Series Fish And Dive Sit-in

This kayak affordable and it has a huge storage which is enough to fit a four gallon bait bucket. It has a 325lbs capacity and gives the anglers good stability even with additional weight.


  • Polyethylene materials
  • Space for taller people
  • Arm and leg rests


  • No rod holder and dry hatch storage
  • Rear storage is open
  • Paddle comes separately

4. Sun Dolphin Excursion SS 10-Foot Sit-in

This kayak has a great combination of turning and tracking abilities. It is made of polyethylene materials that could stand u to rocks and logs with no conflict. This kayak is one of the affordable kayaks out there and it is the best kayak among the four of them.


  • It has a large cockpit with padding
  • Impressive construction
  • Lightweight (40lbs)
  • It has three rod holders
  • It has great stability


  • Rear rod holders are not in the right place
  • Maximum carry weight is 280lbs

Have you decided what kayak you will choose? I hope my tips helped you in choosing the right kayaks for you!

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