Choosing the best electric reel for saltwater when you plan to go Kayak fishing is not easy. There are many options available on the market, and you might find it overwhelming to pick the right one. You will have to pay attention to the power of sucking a tool but also how durable it is and the price it comes at.

We picked the best options in the market to ease your job significantly. So, here are the most popular electric reels for saltwater Kayak fishing that you can consider investing in!

1. Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 500-f Big Game Electric Reel NIB

Daiwa offers one of the best electric reels for saltwater that you can use. This model comes with all you need to start using it right from the box. It has a power cable and manual of instructions to understand how to use it.

It works with 12 VDC, and it can be used with a marine battery. This can help you catch a lot of fish when you go Kayak fishing in saltwater. You can load this reel with around 500 yards of a good line with no hassle. It is lightweight as well so you can carry it with you during your fishing trips as you need.


-It can hold up to 500 yards of line

-Easy to use for beginners

– Lightweight

-Long lifespan

-It comes with cables and instructions


-The instructions might not come in English

-It doesn’t hold as much braided line as others

2. Daiwa Lille Leo Blitz S500

Another great electric reel for saltwater that you can use is this Lille Leo Blitz 500model. This product comes at a budget-friendly price, and it should last you a long time. It comes with a screen that allows you to control the device easily. This screen has a reset, a pickup, a memo and a mode setting that you can manage.

The entire weight of this item is 3.12 pounds, and you will want to take it with you every time you go fishing. You will receive this product with all the cables you need as well as the instructions. It is perfect to be used even by beginners as you will figure it our fast. You can put up to 300 meters of line in this reel which is enough for most fishermen preferences.


– Long lifespan

– Comes with power cables

– Easy to use

– Lightweight

– Perfect for beginners


– It doesn’t hold as much line as other models

– It will not match all fishing equipment

3. Daiwa TANACOM 500

The TANACOM 500 is a great option for those looking for an electric reel for saltwater. This is a good choice for those who want to stand up while they are fishing. It is comfortable to hold and easy to use at all times. You can use it to catch special types of fish such as tilefish or cod.

The speed is easy to control, and the frame is made of sturdy aluminum material. This reel comes with a power cord, and all you need to use it straight from the box. The weight of this product is 3.3 pounds, so it is lightweight enough to carry it with no hassle.


– It comes with power cable

– Sturdy aluminum frame

– Lightweight

– Easy to change the speed

– Great for stand up fishing


– It might not hold as much line as some fishermen expect

– Not enough speed for experienced fishermen

4. Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J Electric Reel

This Leobritz model of electric reel might not be the cheapest on the market, but it is one of the best that you can invest in. It comes with a screen and different bottoms that make this easy to control, such as reset, mode, pick up, and memo.

This product is lightweight, with a weight of only 3.2 pounds. It has a stylish design, and it is made to resist a long time. You can use it for catching a specific type of fish as it is easy to adjust the settings on this reel. You will love to use it during all your Kayak fishing trips in saltwater. This reel works great at any depth, and you increase your odds of catching the fish you want by using it.


– Lightweight

– The screen that allows easy control

– Perfect for catching specific fish types

– Durable material

– Suitable for all types of fishermen


– It is not a budget-friendly product

– Might not work well for all fishing equipment

5. Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel

And last but not least, you can choose this Shimano model that will not disappoint you! It is even lighter than other electric reels, with a weight of 2.94 pounds. You can use this reel to catch all types of fish, and you have big chances of being successful. This can accommodate around 300m of the line which might not seem like a lot, but it is just enough for good fishing.

It is easy to control it thanks to the screen that it comes with. The only downfall that might come with this product is that it doesn’t come with English instructions. However, all the information you need can be found on the manufacturer’s website.



-Easy to control

-Adjust the settings by using the screen and the bottoms

-Perfect for catching all types of fish

-A great option for both beginner and expert fishermen


-It doesn’t come with English instructions

-Not holding as much line as other models

Wrap Up

As you can see, you have many options when you are looking for an electric reel that will work in saltwater. All the products listed above are of great quality, and they should satisfy all your needs. If you want to catch a special type of fish, you should check the description to make sure that you get the right tool. Other than that, all you have left to do is grab your fishing equipment and try your luck in the water! And you can’t fail with one of these electric reels!

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