Pedal kayaks are very popular around the world and they are currently available online. Did you know that not all anglers and fishermen love using paddles every time they go fishing? Yes, that’s really true! However, fishing using pedal kayaks is not bad. Both paddles and pedals help fishermen and anglers explore seas and rivers to get their targets. You can definitely choose what kind of kayak you are going to use when fishing. Additionally, you can also use both pedals and paddles in one kayak. It is really amazing, isn’t it?

Now, we have put together a great buyer’s guide of the best pedal kayaks that are popular and high quality pedal kayaks available in the market. Check this out!

1. Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13

best pedal

This Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 is one of the popular and has the highest qualities pedal kayaks around the world. It can stop instantly and maintains casting distance. It has a good stability that allows you to stand up and cast.

This pedal kayak is 13 feet in length and made for minimum depths of 12-18 inches. The Slayer Propel can travel up to 4.2 mph. This kayak is very durable and performs very well even in a bad weather. It is also large enough to accommodate bigger fishermen or anglers while still having plenty of room for fishing equipment and materials.


  • Includes two flush mount rod holders
  • Has a 5’’ storage hatch that is waterproof
  • Can hold up to 400lbs of weight
  • Durable and impact resistant

2.Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13

best pedal

If you want a lightest product, you can go with this Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel Kayak. IT is really lightweight that it only weighs at just a mere 50 lbs. Although it is lightweight, it can give you an excellent performance and has many great features.

This Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel kayak has a built-in transducer mount that is found under the hull which comes with many rail mounts. It features the two vertical rod holders and tight line anchor trolleys on both sides of the kayak. This kayak is one of the highly recommended for anglers and fishermen that are looking for a durable pedal kayak. It would definitely meet all your fishing wants and needs.


  •  3 ½ feet long
  • Comes with a built-in battery box that you can hook up to your phone or other USB port compatible electronics
  • It has an extra space you can find under the seat and a hard shell bow hatch with a bungee cord for your fishing gear’s security.
  • It can hold up to 400 pounds of weight
  • You can also save space by using built-in thwart box as a cooler

3.Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak

best pedal

This pedal kayak is always ready for giving you some fun in the water. It has a length of 12 feet and has great feature like its push pedals that power two fins and guides you through the water effortlessly. This kayak uses original drive technology from one of the first and best pedal kayaks on the market.

This incredible Mirage Oasis is also lightweight which comes in at 105 pounds. It can fit in the back of pickup trucks out there! It also has great adjustable seat and can be set at different heights with a lumbar support.

There’s a plenty of space for your fishing gears for it can hold up to 500 pounds effortlessly. It has a spacious cargo area and a twist and seal hatch with a tackle management system.


  •  Plenty of space that can accommodate your fishing gears
  • There is a designated cargo area for extra storage
  • It features 6brod holders for a great fishing experience
  • It is made for both fresh and saltwater
  • The storage hatch can also be used for cleaning fish

4.Hobie Mirage Revolution 11

best pedal

This Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 weighs only 64 pounds and considered as one of the lightest pedal kayaks. It has a length of 11 1/2 feet.  Because of being lightweight, it can hold up to 275 pounds which is much less than the competition.

This kayak comes with sleek designs that will give an extra appeal. It also comes with a standard paddle in case you don’t feel like pedaling upstream you can use the paddle on it. The pedal drive on this kayak is definitely optional. However, you are good to go.


  • It comes with two rod holders
  • includes a large coverage bow hatch and two 8″ twist and seal hatches
  • It can be easily transported
  • Lightweight and the length are perfect.

5. Hobie Pro Angler 12

best pedal

This Hobie Pro Angler is very comfortable and convenient. It is only 12 feet long and can fit at the back of any pickup truck. It weighs 500 pounds and has four horizontal rods and two molded-in rod holders which simply mean that it can hold up to 6 rods in one go! This is one of the perfect kayaks for all of the anglers and fishermen out there!


  • It weighs 120 pounds when fully rigged
  • Full range of motion with a convenient elevated seat with a Boa System lumbar support.
  • It has a lot of storage space
  • The kayak comes with a sail mount
  • The Anchor trolley system is available if you don’t feel like pedalling.
  • It also comes with replaceable mounting boards and dual steering
  • The hull is made of polyethylene material
  • It is equipped with a skeg instead of a rudder
  • It has a large rectangular hatch
  • You can also customize your rigging with the H-rail.


Kayaking has developed over the years, making many various kinds of outdoor activities.  I know all of you are now wandering what kind of kayak you are going to use in the next fishing activity. There are lots of health benefits you will gain in fishing, right? Also, your techniques and methods to catch big targets are evolving and developing. These special pedal kayaks are the best kayaks available in the market.

Good luck to your fishing and more targets to catch!

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