Although the rain may disuad some of us fishermen from trying, it certaininly does not fish stop biting. In fact, bass are often more likely to be in a feeding state when there is rain in the area. So, grab your rain jacket and prepare to get wet, because today we are talking about how to catch bass in the rain!

Bass have a tendency to be hunt more aggressively during rain. The surface disruption encourages feeding behavior, the run off of oxygenated water both increases their metabolism and congregates bait fish. Fishing with buzzbaits and topwater lures will be the most effective way to catch bass in heavy rain.

Why Do Bass Bite In The Rain?

Before we can break down some of the tips and tricks for fishing in the rain, it is important to understand the scientific reasoning behind bass feeding during these times. It is also important to know we are talking about freshwater Bass here in this article, if you are looking for Sea Bass tips then head here for 8 of them!

As a fisherman, you have probably heard that the bass bite better in the rain. Is this really true, and why so? Well, according to many biologists and professionals in the field, it is true for a number of reasons.

There are a few things that come along with a rain system moving in. For one, the barometric pressure drops, which is a tell-tale sign that bass are going to begin to feed. The old trick of fishing right before a storm really does work, and that same reasoning is why rain can bring more bites.

The other big reason why rain can create more bites is the stirring up of baitfish. When there is a lot of rain, baitfish and other food particles are shot around and bass wait to feast. Throwing a lure into the mix is where a lot of these rain-fueled bites will come from.

One of the common misconceptions is that the rain hitting the water has any affect. It might, but there is no hard evidence to suggest this to be true. The other factors we already discussed are what really contribute to this phenomenon.

What Is A Good All Round Rod and Reel For Bass Fishing?

New to Bass fishing, or looking for a new set up? we will highlight our set up, (minus the lures as we address those below anyway). But you are going to need a decent rod, medium action and about 7ft long. If you get anything to strong you are going to lose some of the sport fighting this bull terrier of a fish!

Baitcasting reels are good, though spinning reels will work as well. As we don’t get to go as much as we like so we choose this well priced and well reviewed all rounder: the KastKing Fishing casting rod.

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Although you can use a spinning or bait casting reel (cue the gasps from the professionals!) we would recommend a bait casting reel for the rod above, and for the accuracy they afford to target Bass. Daiwa make a reel called the Tatula which is about 200 Dollars, and its very good as it should be!

Luckily so is the Daiwa Fuego Baitcasting Reel pictured below, it has one less ball baring and costs a hundred less dollars. There are cheaper versions, but for a well respected brand the price of this reel and its 5 star rating is why we mention it here, and yes we own one ourselves. It is pretty much a permanent feature for everything we do except trolling.

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Great Bass Lures For Rainy Days

As you probably already know, the bass fishing industry is chalked full of tons of lures and baits. So much so, that it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. So, let’s break down some of the market’s best bass lures To help you catch bass in the rain!

Sea bass jigs and lures

1. Spinnerbait Lures For Bass Fishing

The spinnerbait is one of the most versatile moving lures in the game. This absolutely translates to rainy day fishing. These lures are used to cover a lot of water, and the flash from the blades is perfect to catch a bass’s attention. Spinnerbaits create this flash without a lot of natural light breaking into the water because of the clouds. So, the spinnerbait’s job is to create this vibration and flash on its own. Amazon have a set of 16 Spinnerbaits with great reviews and it comes with its own bag!

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2. Buzzbait Lures For Bass Fishing

One of the overall best sections of lures that works well in the rain is topwater. Although there are many topwater lures out there, they are not all created equal and some are better suited to catch bass in the rain. You want a topwater that moves and creates noise. This is why a buzzbait is perfect compared to others like the popper, which requires a far slower retrieval.

Because the bass are fired up from the rain, burning the buzzbait fast and steady is a great idea. Now, keep in mind that this presentation works better the hotter it is. If it is cold outside, bass are far less likely to breach the surface and destroy a topwater. So, plan accordingly and use it in the summer rain.

3. Chatterbait Lures For Bass Fishing

Although there are many more, for the sake of this blog, the final lure for rainy weather fishing is the Chatterbait. If you have never used one before, the Chatterbait is a bladed swim jig that elevates the traditional jig to an entirely new level.

Similarly to the spinnerbait, the blade on top adds a crucial shine and vibration that the bass cannot resist. What makes this presentation different from the spinnerbait is its ability to fish cover. Spinnerbaits tend to get tangled in brush very easily. A Chatterbait’s design helps avoid snags and keeps you cruising through that cover.

It is best to use a soft swim bait or some other trailer to give even more action. Because this is a moving bait, you want some action to accompany the blade on top. This will really help you take advantage of the feeding bass below.


Bass Fishing In the Rain Tips And Tricks

As you probably already know, there is a lot of thought that goes into bass fishing. There are a lot of small things to keep in mind that all accumulate into a bigger idea: catching bass. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when fishing for bass in the rain!

1. Be ready to get wet, but do it in a smart way

The biggest tip for fishing in the rain is to do it with intelligence. Obviously, you are going to get wet, but there are things you can do to protect yourself and not let it get out of hand. If you are not careful, cold rain can be quite dangerous.

The biggest way to protect yourself is by investing in a high quality rain suit. This includes both the top and bottom halves. Many people just get a raincoat, but this could be a bad mistake as your core heat will not be conserved when your bottom half is compromised.

You can pick up water proof and breathable trousers and jackets (no real need for branded unless you want) from Amazon pretty reasonably now. If you wanted to go the full hog, we have details on sizing waders here on the site with some suggestions as well. We actually have a set of these and are pretty happy with them unless it turns arctic or you are expedition fishing! If you are out in the rain a lot you may need to upscale to more durable equipment though.

How to fish for bass in the rain

2. Target drains or offshoots

On the fishing side, you should try and find drains or offshoots where there will be moving water. Moving water is always a great target to draw out those bass. Especially in heavy rain, drains will be roaring with flow, so throwing in those areas can harbor great results.

If you can find the eddies next to the flow even better. ( Eddies are the whirlpool areas that circle either side of the main flow – ask a kayaker if you are not sure!)

3. Fish shorelines and runoffs that have been impacted by wind

When there is rain, there are often winds. Take note as to what shorelines are being heavily hit by said wind. Toward the end or after the rain, these areas will be prime areas to target. This is because the baitfish and other food particles have been stirred up and the bass will be chomping. Even if the shoreline is small, it will be a hotbed for feeding bass.

Run offs will be bringing food and nutrients to baitfish, and where there are bait fish….. do I need to say more 🙂

4. Fish for Bass Harder and Faster in the Rain

Bass are going to be swimming further in the rain and they are not as shy. You will need to cover more water and be a little more aggressive in retrieval than on a beautiful sunny day. Speed things up a little they will bite!

5. Go For The Top And Fish The Surface!

Ok not exactly correct. However in rain bass go crazy for surface lures, make sure you have some in your tackle collection (see above) Buzzbaits will see you get bites, and if you are lucky explosive bites as well!

The weather may not be perfect, but with heavy rain it may be that the fishing is! We hope these tips help you drum up the motivations to gear up and get out when its raining. It might be the best fishing you ever had.

Catching Bass in the rain may not sound very fun, and it definitely is not glamorous, but some of the best bass fishing you can do is in the rain. Tight lines, Happy fishing.

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