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Kayak fishing is becoming popular these days, many anglers are falling in love with this kind of fishing. It’s environmentally friendly, pollution free, affordable, and the paddle is a good work out for your arms.  Reels for Kayak have been used for fishing for ages.

This sports style makes the people hype to do the activity, kayak fishing is not really easy to do but the obstacle in the sport makes the people more excited about it. 

The first kayaks were made from stitched animal skin with a wooden frame, modern fishing kayaks are inexpensive and you don’t need to pay more for maintenance cost. Since this kind of activity doesn’t cost much, many fishermen do it more in their free time.

The gadgets and equipment are not that complicated to choose, you must pick the right ones which are suitable for kayak fishing. You need to get the right tools to make your adventure more effective and you can enjoy more. You need to have time to research the right equipment you will be needing in kayak fishing. Choose the right paddle, not only for your kayak but also for you to use it comfortably. 

Meanwhile, you must evaluate well if you are choosing the right rod and reel. When you ask someone who is a fishing addict, he or she will give you advice on what to choose and they have reasons for that. 

Generally, the most important things to check when buying rods are their power, action, length, composition, and construction. Another factor in choosing reels and rods is the environment where you want to fish. Is it in the river, ponds, lakes or ocean? There are more criteria to consider before purchasing rod and reels.

reels for kayak

Why is Kayak Fishing Different?

For beginners out there, fishing form a kayak is a unique experience. The difference is that the space of the vessel is totally smaller than the other kind of vessels. Unlike in an open boat, you can wander around it, you have no worries in casting anywhere you want to, also, you can do the sport while standing. 

In a kayak, your movement is limited, you might do everything in a sitting position. Modern reels for kayak are made stable that let the anglers fish while standing but it’s better to remain seated for safety. 

You can’t move freely even you are standing in a kayak, you are not able to turn around if the fish turn the other way. You need to twist your body if you want to fight the fish that runs around. The sitting position on the kayak may need you to change the length of the spinning rod.

What to Consider in Choosing the Right Spinning Rod for Kayak Fishing?

reels for kayak

As what have mentioned above, length is one of the key aspects to check when choosing the spinning rod.

 Get a spinning rod that is long enough to do the job. You need a longer rod when you fish in a kayak so that you can cast easily without doing extra movement and have less effort.

Normal fishing kayak has the length of 11 feet and its width is 30 inches or more, the size is proportion for safety and its stability. 

For that reason, assuming that you are sitting in the middle of the kayak, you will be needing a spinning rod that is half the length of the kayak. 

Actually, there is no limitation of the length of the rods for kayak fishing. Bow and stern issue aside, most anglers choose rods with 7 to 7 ½ foot to acquire longer casting while in the sitting position.

You also need to consider the rod handle in kayak fishing. The style is not important here, The length of the handle from the spinning reel to the butt can alter the factor of fishing. 

Choose the rod which has a handle that is long enough giving easy leverage when you cast. The handle must not be too long, though, it needs to be easy to manage especially you are in a sitting position plus the life jacket you are wearing.

Since fishing is now a trend, many stores offer various style and sizes of rods. There is a wide variance of power and action to choose from, depends on which one you are comfortable using. 

Just remember to get a lightweight rod, don’t get rods which are made of heavy fiberglass blanks, you just need the lighter and sensitive ones.

Selecting the Right Spinning Reel

reels for kayak

When you are done with the rod, it’s time to get you spinning reel. Choosing the spinning reel is just a piece of cake after you have picked your fishing rod.

Always remember that the reel should be a good match with your rod. The two must be compatible with each, they work with each other. The reel should also be well matched with the fish you want to catch. The longer the rod the bigger the size of reels for kayak you will be needing. You do not want to be out of line while casting.

The material of the reels for kayak is important to be checked too. Choose one that is corrosion resistant, it is inevitable that the equipment for fishing would get soaking wet. Just get a lightweight reel, you will be having more wrist and arm action when in a sitting position. A reel that is made of magnesium and carbon is fine to use, it lessens fatigue from all day fishing.


kayak fishing is not an expensive sport, you can do it by yourself. Choosing the right rods and reels for kayak fishing can be critical, but when you have the information on what and what not to get, it will be just easy. It’s important to have the right gear so that you can maximize your stay on the water and can enjoy more. All in all, choose both rod and reel which are lightweight for easy manipulation and for you not to get tire of casting and holding easily.

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