If you like to go fishing, you need adequate rods and reels. And one of the most popular types of fishing is pontoon boat fishing. If you are a beginner in the matter of fishing, this guide will help you find just the equipment you need. You will find the best rods and reels for pontoon boat fishing and be very successful at it. 

You will notice that pontoon boat fishing is not only very comfortable but also very affordable. You can use a wide variety of rods and reels because this type of fishing offers you a lot of stability. This is why it is best for both beginners and experts. Here is what you should take into account when you need to invest in rods and reels for your pontoon boat fishing hobby!

Choose The Right Length Of The Rod

pontoon boat fishing

The length of your fishing rod is significant. You can find rods with lengths that go anywhere from two feet to 20 feet. When it comes to pontoon boat fishing, you should go for a medium length. A smaller one might work, as well. It all depends on the type of fish you want to catch as well.

Pike fish or even bass is more comfortable to catch with a shorter rod. Also, consider the size of your boat as well. If it is taller than average, you will need to try a longer rod. But as a general rule, a 10 feet rod on average could be just what you need!

The Material Of The Rod

If you are going to invest in a new rod, try to get one that will last you for a longer time. The material that a rod is made of will determine its lifespan as well. One of the best materials for rods for pontoon fishing is the carbon fiberglass. They are more durable than the bamboo and graphite ones. They will also adapt better to the boat fishing style because they are more flexible. And they tend to come at budget-friendly prices as well. 

The Type Of Rod

The market offers different kinds of fishing rods. However, not all of them will work the same for the pontoon boat fishing style. 

Baitcasting rods are great for experts who want to go boat fishing. They can help you catch a wide variety of species with little effort. These rods have different features that allow you to adjust them according to the fish you want to catch. They can be very stable on a boat and extremely useful. 

Trolling rods are also trendy. They come with a release lever, a line out type of alarm as well as a system for line braking that is near the reels. These rods are perfect for all kinds of boat fishing, and they are just as flexible as they should be!

Fly fishing roads are more traditional ones, but they are used to catch flying fish. Not exactly the type of rods you need unless this type of fish is your aim. Catching a flying fish can be tricky when you are pontoon boat fishing, and it can even be dangerous. 

What About Choosing The Best Reels For Pontoon Boat Fishing

pontoon boat fishing

Selecting the right reels can, at times, be even more challenging than choosing your rod. There are many models on the market, and not all of them will work great for the fishing style of your type of rods. 


If you find a good deal, you should purchase the reels along with the rods. These two pieces need to be very compatible so that you can have successful fishing experience. But if you can’t purchase the two of them together, check the compatibility aspect before buying your reels. The good news is that once you are sure the reels match your rod, you don’t have to worry anymore. Pontoon boat fishing doesn’t require a particular type of reels as long as you have the right road. 


Even if you can get away with using any reels when you go pontoon fishing, you should pay attention to sustainability. You want reels that will resist this type of fishing. Invest in a sturdy reel made of a resistant material that you can count on! You might spend a little more than you were planning on, but in the end, it will all be worth it. 

Type Of Reels

When it comes to pontoon boat fishing, you should consider investing in the trolling reels. Just like the trolling rods, these reels offer you the best flexibility level and increase your chances of catching more fish. These reels will drop behind your moving boat and attract all the fish you aim for naturally, too.

These reels are very resistant too. They are mostly made of graphite and have exciting features such as bait alarm. You will also notice that they can be more significant than other reels. However, they will go perfect with your trolling rod, and you will be all set! As we mentioned before, you can try different types of reels as well.

What counts the most is the compatibility of your entire equipment. But when you go pontoon boat fishing, you need to pay extra attention to resistance and stability as well! 


Pontoon boat fishing can be one of the best and most relaxing fishing styles you can try. It is perfect for beginners, and you can catch a lot more fish than you expect with this type of strategy. But having the right tools is one of the essential requirements. You can compromise the entire fishing trip by not using the rod or reels that you need in such circumstances.

So, give this fishing a fair try once you set up your equipment. It might quickly become your favourite type of fishing. Try out a nice trolling rod and reels set and let yourself enjoy the boat ride in a peaceful morning! 

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