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Are you all ready for a new set of fishing reels and rods? Let’s all take a look at the guides and information in choosing the best rods and reels for you in saltwater kayak fishing.

Important Things to Consider in Choosing Kayak Fishing Rods

As time goes by, people are getting more interested in kayak fishing which results in most big companies are trying to offer and provide kayak specific, gears and accessories.

One of the advantages of having a good fishing rod is that it will reduce fatigue and increase productivity and opportunity. There are many fishing rods out there available for everyone. 

However, great fishing rods for kayaks are not easy things to be found. They are different from those normal fishing rods we know.

Because of its advantage, I provided you with a guide on how to choose a good kayak fishing rod for you! Are you all ready? Here are some things you should consider when choosing a kayak fishing rod.


The price is one of the biggest things that we need to check before purchasing kayak fishing rods and reels. There are cheap and expensive kayak fishing rods that will do the work. Check your budget first and then proceed with the other benefits. 

If you are a beginner at fishing or you are into family picnic tour, it would be best if you get moderate kayak fishing rods, just appropriate to enjoy the vacation. 

However, if you are so called, professional angler or frequently fish in the water, then a great kayak fishing rod would be perfect for you!


As an angler, make sure to use a fishing rod which suits your need. Sizes matter! There are different sizes available and you need to choose the most comfortable and convenient size. 

However, it is better to use shorter fishing rods in kayaks. Choose a kayak fishing rod which is shorter but rich in its features, comfortable to hold, has a leash and its fitting system helps it to mount easily on the kayak. However, if you have a big kayak, then you need not to worry anymore! You can go for long kayak fishing rods.

Short Butt Section

A shorter butt section helps you to move easily and access compact area. It also offers you more place to cover and the flexibility you want. Did you know, most of the kayak fishermen advice other fishermen also to use fishing rods that have a short but section? And yes, because it is convenient.


Not all fishing rods can be mounted. You need to double check the rod you chose whether it requires any particular mounting system or not.


One of the factors to consider also is the leashes. Other kayak fishing rods come with leashes for it makes sure that it doesn’t get lost in the water while kayaking. You can attach the leash to the kayak fishing rod to keep it with your kayak.

Important Things to Consider in Choosing Kayak Fishing Reels

rods and reels

One of the challenging task as an angler is choosing your own fishing reel. Here we are again, many questions running in our mind like “Is model B better than model A? Can this reel handle the fish I’m targeting? How long would it last?”

Reels are very important. We all know that, right? It provides a place to hold your line assists in casting and also retrieving line and provides the leverage needed to land.

An angler needs to have a reel that is capable of handling the tackle that we are going to use and the fish we may hook. 

And the ones we select determine whether we have a full creel or empty hooks. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing your own kayak fishing reel.

Line Capacity

In saltwater, your reel must have the ability to hold enough line. even smaller species can escape when provided a wide open escape route. 

Braided Compatibility

A braided line provides many advantages in the saltwater kayak fishing. Make sure that your reel is capable of using a mono-filament.


If you have deep water trolling rig, you can go with the biggest brass model available in the market since it will be on the holder all day. But if you have a spinning reel, it will devote your time in your hand. You can also go with a lighter reel, for it will make it much easier to get the most out of your day.

Corrosion Protection

There is the greatest difference between the saltwater and freshwater reels. It is the ability to withstand the harsh environment that they will encounter. 

We know that our reel is exposed to salt which is both corrosive and abrasive. Remember that a great reel is made to withstand being coated with salt spray and dunked in seawater without missing a beat.


The drag helps you to adjust friction which determines the amount of resistance that is needed to pull the line from the reel. Select a reel with a maximum drag sufficient enough to turn, tire and land the largest target you want.

A drag that rates over 30-40 pounds does a little regarding accomplishing its intended job as the arm and strength of an angler then becomes the weak point. On the other side, a higher drag rating can also indicate greater protection from bursts of strength and speed.


Bearings are the internal parts of your reel that require protection against the damage caused by a metal on metal rotation. Quality reels use ball bearings that provide a good and smoother action when under load. If there are more bearings, the better action it will provide.

Gear Ratio

The ears on your reel act the same as those on a multi-speed bicycle through increasing the power produced with each turn of the handle. The lower gear ratio is suited for jigging or live lining bait. The higher gear ratio is better when retrieving lures at faster speeds.


rods and reels

There is no place like kayak fishing in saltwater. It gets you into places that other anglers in powerboats can only dream of! Fishing with a right kayak fishing rod and reel, and a right gear is really fun! Enjoy your kayak fishing experience this 2023!

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