If you like to fish, choosing a high quality trolling motor for pontoon boat is essential. Such a motor gives you the freedom to explore the waters without getting the attention of the fish. You will catch more fish and enjoy your hobby or fishing job a lot better! More often than not pontoon boats don’t come with a trolling motor.

But the good news is that there’s no difficulty in finding the trolling motor that you need. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat and what to consider when you are shopping for one!

Decide On The Brand And The Model

Pontoon Boat

When you are browsing around for a trolling motor for your pontoon boat, you will notice there are many options out there. The selection gets easier if you are using a fish finder as well. You will want to find a trolling motor that is also compatible with your fish finder.

Preferable, consider looking at your fish finder manufacturer to see what they have to offer. The trolling motor and the fish finder will work together as a team for your fishing benefits. If you are not using a fish finder, the motor you choose has to go well with your boat. But this leaves room for many products to consider so you will need to do your research.

Pick The Right Accessories

Accessories are just as important as the other characteristics that come with the motor. It is recommended to use a deep cycle battery because it will not drain the battery so quick. Also, try to get a charger that is made for marine use.

The chargers have to be set to accommodate the number of batteries that you will be using. Take into consideration that you will need to charge your batteries at home to be ready for your fishing adventure.

Choosing The Right Shaft Length

The height of the deck makes it more difficult to choose the right shaft trolling motor for pontoon boat. Math again saves the day when you make this decision. Simply measure the distance between the top of the deck and the water and add around 20 inches. The result will be the shaft length that you need.

If you mount the motor somewhere else, apply the same formula. As a general recommendation, a size that works is a 60 inches shaft length. This means around 152 centimeters. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong shaft length can come with many inconveniences. So it is well worth it to pay attention to this aspect for the sake of your fishing experience.

Price And Budgeting

When it comes to prices, you really can find an option for every budget. Trolling motors come in many models and using a different technology which has a direct impact on the price. While not always the expensive choice is the best choice, you don’t want to look at the cheapest one either.

There are trolling motors for hundreds of dollars as well as there are plenty in the thousands of dollars range. The best way to approach the price research is by establishing a budget, to begin with.

As you look around at different models, try to find the best options within your budget. By considering the aspects of this guide, you should have no problem finding the perfect trolling motor.

Consider The Size And Weight Of Your Boat To Choose The Best Thrust For The Trolling Motor

The type of boat that you are using is an important aspect to consider as well. Not all trolling motors will work the same for all types of pontoon boats. If your motor is the wrong size, you might not be able to use it at all. There is a mathematical formula to help you find the motor for your pontoon boat.

All you have to do is consider your boat’s weight in pounds (with passengers and gear on it) and divide it by 100. After you do that, multiply the number you obtain by 2.  The final result will be the thrust that your trolling motor needs to have. And you will have a lot fewer options to choose from which will save you plenty of time.

Where Do You Want To Mount The Motor

You will find a trolling motor for your pontoon boat that can go on the bow, rear or engine mount. To reach the main benefit of such a motor, you should consider purchasing a bow mounting one. It will help you drag the fish bait by using the trolling motor efficiently and powerfully.

The noise they make is minimum so the fish won’t be scared by it either. These types of motors also make it easier for you to manage your boat. The only major downfall to a bow mounting motor is that it gets tricky to install on the boat. You might have to adapt the front gate of your pontoon to add the trolling motor. Which is why many choose the engine motor style.

Extra Features To Consider

Beside the functionality aspect of a trolling motor for pontoon boat, some models also come with other options. If you are not a beginner fisherman, you might be tempted to take your shopping a little further and consider things like:

– Different speed settings that the trolling motor might come with

– An interesting autopilot feature or a co-pilot feature

– A wireless option that gives you control from any spot on your boat

– A saltwater fishing option which will add to its overall resistance and increase its lifespan

While these features are nice to have, remember that they are not a must for your fishing success. However, they are great bonuses that can improve your adventure on the water significantly.

Bottom Line

Finding the best trolling motor for pontoon boat is a concern for any fisherman. But once you make up your mind and invest in one, you will be amazed by the outcome! This guide helps you minimize the options and narrows your research to the most important aspects.

So now you know exactly what to look for in such a motor and how to choose one that’s right for you. Don’t limit your research to what other people recommend because there is a good possibility that your needs are different! Overall, you should enjoy your trolling motor’s performance and catch more fish!

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