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Did you know that a waterproof jacket is also known as windproof jacket? It is when the jacket has barrier designed to block driving rain would also block the wind that is pushing the rain. There are also jackets you can find with windproof technology, laminated, that is considered as water-resistant. Windproof Rain Jacket is one of them.

A windproof jacket also refers to “water-resistant” and “waterproof” jackets when the results of the test exceed and established threshold of 60+ mph.

Rain gear is very important for anglers and fishermen. I guess you are now ready and excited to find windproof jackets that would work well but does not break your bank. But before that, I will show you the things to consider if you are planning to purchase a windproof rain jacket for fishing.

Things to Consider When Buying Jacket

rain jacket

The technology brings the fabric on a higher level! It helps you by making your jacket a windproof, construction details also play a big role. Jacket that has special features comes also with higher price. The weight is also affected like a jacket with a top-tier fabric but have few extra features on it.


Brand is one of the most important factors to consider in choosing jackets. The quality of the jacket shows how great and excellent the manufacturers are. The super bass or fly-fishing rain gear will both accompany pants, hat, gloves and jacket. There are great brands out there that are popular for their excellent products they produced which results to a higher demand.


Having a jacket that makes you comfortable and breathable is a great one! It is not difficult to find some rain jackets that will keep the water from getting in touch with you, but there are some concerns that will improve a cloak in case you catch it. Heat is just normal but when it gets wet, a sweat will develop which leads to being uncomfortable. There are slickers that are equipped with new filaments in order to remove the sweat. They also have great ventilation openings that can be opened with a zipper to allow you access the cool air while protecting you from the wet or rain.

Having Hood or No Hood

Some anglers are not comfortable when their jackets have big hoods. There are people who do not consider it. However, large hood outerwear allows you to wear a cap or hat just if you want to keep warm. It is also recommended to calculate precipitation gearbox that has enough amount of pockets. The fishing gear bag will hold your things but also make sure to hold few things close to you.

License Holder

The decent and legal arrangement of wet climate wear for fish is no other than a license holder. It is needed to have your fishing license over your abdomen in order for the halter to close yourself is just a great element that you might find helpful.

Types of Weather Shells 

rain jacket

Shell is often used interchangeably with the word “jacket”. It also refers to parkas, pants ad ponchos. It focuses on the fabric type more than of the garment style. Becoming more knowledgeable with the types of shells or jackets will help you consider your weather protection selections.

Hard Shell

The hard shell is an alternative word for windproof, waterproof/ breathable gear. Most fabrics that are hard shells are stiffer than those in soft shells. Even though there are suppler hard shell fabrics are developing around the world. Hard shells are not insulated, so the warm will come from an underlying base layer and mid layer.

Soft Shell

The soft shell is the classic version that integrates an insulating layer with a water-resistant shell. It has a single piece serving as both mid layer and outer layer. This type of weather shell has a greater breathability which results to a lesser protection from rain, cold and wind. They have the best high exertion activities where the perspiration is the greater concern.

Because of its evolving and latest designs make the soft shell category a little fancy and overdone. Soft shells nowadays have excellent flexibility and have some feature that is somewhat rare in a hard shell.

Hybrid Shell

This term has applied to different constructions. There are more waterproof and windproof fabrics on the front and top in a soft and hard shell combo.  While more breathable and flexible fabric is on the sides, underneath sleeves and back. You can also find traditional hard and soft shells with a more durable fabric in the high wear areas and on its outer face.

Insulated Shell

This type of shell is typically filled with synthetic or down fill for warmth. There are most puffy jackets are also water resistant and also breathable. You will enjoy an elevated level of protection if you have a jacket that has a windproof, waterproof/breathable fabric. The seam must be sealed to be considered fully waterproof.

Caring for Your Windproof Jacket and Rain Gear

rain jacket

We want to have fishing gears and jackets that would last as long as possible, right? IT is really important to keep out gear clean and protect the coating that makes our gear great and waterproof. Be sure to read the instructions of every product.

Things to Do

After use, especially in salt water, a good angler must undo all buttons, zippers or snaps and rinse your jacket or pants using clean and freshwater only. Then, drip dry away your jacket from any direct heating source.

Things Not to Do

Every angler should know about this, no bleaching, ironing and dry cleaning- unless instructed by the manufacturer. Also, wringing out is prohibited for it will breakdown the composition of the fabric. Last, Don not put away garments while they are wet. Dry them completely before storing.


Now, I wish this article helps you choose your best windproof jacket on the market. Whatever, brand you are using, be reminded that your comfort and breathability are important when using your jacket while fishing. Stay dry and warm to improve the situation on a rainy day!

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