Are you thinking of buying a new motor kit for your trolling Kayak or replacing your old trolling motor kit? Do you want to have the best kit for your trolling motor?

When you want to get motor kit for your Kayak, it might be difficult and confusing especially if you can not use it. In many cases, even when you have done it before it might still be like something totally new that you are trying to do.

You should be careful and take keenly to details if you want to get the best Kayak trolling motor kit. To make sure that happens, there are some things that you should consider or look at, and you will make the right choice.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Kayak Trolling Motor Kit

After a long period of research, looking at different cases, factors as well as needs of the different individual, we came up with a list of things you should look at when choosing the best kayak trolling kit.

Type of water

It is a very significant aspect that many people forget some of the main elements when choosing a perfect trolling motor kit. The water is the first attachment you have here, and we can say it is the reason why you are going for the trolling motor kit.

Here are some of the things that you should know and in specific. Are you fishing on freshwater or saltwater?

Once you have known exactly where you will be fishing, then it will be easier to know specifically what type of motor you should look for. For example, salty water is challenging for fishing.

There is a lot of corrosion of materials used in the salt water. As a result, you are likely to spend a lot of money as compared to fishing in the fresh water. Equipment used in saltwater fishing needs to be either made of an anti-rusting material or should regularly be maintained by lubrication.

The same case to motors, when buying a motor, decide whether you want a rust-resistant Kayak trolling motor kit or a normal one that you will have to lubricate regularly.

Mounting Position

There is a lot to look in this case to make sure that you choose wisely and don’t regret later.

For trolling motors, there only two options when it comes to the position of mounting. You can either go with the bow mounting motors or the transom mounting. All these positions have their advantages and disadvantages and best-suited places as well.

However, for kayak, the best one is transom mount. This is because it is really easy to mount these types of motors. Also, they provide easy control since you can do it while seated.

However, for the bow mount motors, they are made for the big sized boats. They are also expensive.

Your Kayak Size

The size of your Kayak will determine the number of things to help you choose the best motor kit. You should understand the size of the kayak will highly affect the size of motor you should get. This is because it all affects the functionality and the power of the trolling motor you need.

There are three types of trolling motors which should help you decide what to go for comparing them with the Kayak size.

There is a 12V, 24V and 36V. The bigger the Kayak you have, the more powerful the motor you will need. Here is a good example, if you have a 19-foot kayak you should go for the 36V motor.


Many people may not understand this especially if you are a beginner in this world. Nevertheless, it is a factor that you should consider very much. When you have a propeller rotating and moving your boat, the propelling power is thrust.

You have to make sure that the Kayak trolling motor kit you get can offer you the kind of power you need. You have to consider the size of your boat and the load it might carry. In that case, you will understand the requirements and choose well.


It is the part where you taste as well as money will determine what you will get. There are a variety of options with the advancement of technology. Besides, there are those coming with foot pedals while others have hand controls.

We see foot pedal controlled motors which are pricey, very comfortable but will eat on the space and hand control which is cheap and saves on the space.

Shaft Length

The shaft length is not something strange. It is something very important and you should consider when choosing the best trolling motor kit. If you have a big size Kayak, you should go for a long shaft length. On the other side, if you have a small one, you can go for the small shaft length.


It is obviously something almost everyone has to look at. The cost of the motor you are about to choose. Once you have looked at all the features listed above, your pocket might also decide what to take.

Nevertheless, it is better to spend more on a quality product that will serve you for a long time and efficiently.

Bottom Line

All said and done, a good fishing experience is one with the best tools. And it is obvious that fishers who have invested in the system will have more. Do not be in a hurry to buy a Kayak trolling motor kit if you do not know about them.

Always make sure that you consider the factors listed about before you make your decision and nothing will go wrong.

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