Crossbow fishing is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and it is also very interesting and entertaining, which is why different people are attracted to it. You will not get bored as you try this fishing method! It will be even easier for you if you are an expert when it comes to hunting with a crossbow since the two sports are rather similar.

But there are different ways to start the crossbow fishing if you are a beginner and not all of them are recommended. So, here is a complete guide to help you develop this sport or hobby in the right way from the first time you try it!

Things To Consider Before You Start Crossbow Fishing

The common name of crossbow fishing is bow fishing, and it is one of those sports that can bring you plenty of satisfaction and quality time. But you can’t start bowfishing by simply using the same bow you use for your hunting sessions, even if this might seem tempting for some. However, you might still be able to modify your hunting bow to fit your fishing activities, if you don’t want to invest in a new one! Consider the following steps if you want to give crossbow fishing a try! 

1. Get The Right Equipment for Crossbow Fishing

You will not be able to go crossbow fishing unless you have the right equipment for it. And the most important is a crossbow that will suit your needs. You will need a bowfish that has stronger power and uses arrows that are more resistant than a hunting crossbow. Also, you should use a bowfish that is intended for both day and night fishing. The arrows used in such activity will not have any feathers and will not be made of heavy materials either because they need to find their way toward the fish in the water. Anything that can distract the arrow’s direction should be avoided and eliminated.

Your bowfish could have a nylon line, and you can choose between three different types of systems: a retriever, a hand wrap reels or spin cast. While all of them are just as efficient, what you choose is up to your personal preference. The hand wrap system uses a spool, and you will have to wrap the line yourself and secure it afterward. A retriever is going to fix the line of the crossbow in place by using a piece known as a bottle. And a spin-cast is made especially for experts who need speed and increased precision.

2. Start With Small Goals for Crossbow Fishing

You will need to get used to the equipment and the entire crossbow fishing activity before you can expect actually to catch some fish. Start in waters that you are familiar with at first before you move to bigger ones. This is a strategy that can give you a lot of relaxation and confidence during the fishing session.

Don’t get disappointed if you are not going to catch enough fish from the first day even if you use the best crossbow for fishing on the market. It takes skills and experience to be successful at this hobby. Plus, you would also need a bit of luck to have some good fish in the water. Keep in mind that bowfishing is an entertaining hobby, and it should remain like that regardless of the final results.

 A good tip to learn more about crossbow fishing is to go with someone that has some experience in the matter. This will help you see the details of this sport and how you can apply different techniques to catch more fish. And you will have a great time as well!

 3. Choose The Right Place To Fish

Choosing to blowfish in the right type of water is crucial to your success. A thumb rule is that you can bowfish in freshwaters. Some of these waters could be rivers, some lakes, and ponds. But it also depends on the quality of the water that you want to dive in. You can also go for salty waters such as beaches, bays or different estuaries because you might be surprised at how much fish you can find there.

Make sure that the water you choose to fish in is not very deep. You will need to see or at least guess where the fish is before you shot it so you should see through the layers of water. The ideal depth that you can bowfish at is about 3 or 4 feet when it comes to shallow water. There are special types of fish that will be easier to catch in shallow waters, and also, your arrows will penetrate this type of water easier.

crossbow fishing

4. Go Fishing At The Right Time

As for the time, you can go bow fishing whenever you want, being it night or day. This is one of the beauties of this sport. But if you want to increase your chances actually to catch some fish, you should choose the spawning season. This implies that you will have some knowledge about different species of fish and their life cycle.

But if you are passionate about it, you will learn these aspects fast and choose the best time of the year for your favorite sport. A thumb rule says that springtime is the best season for bow fishing. Big fish will be more present in the waters during spring or summer seasons. That is when they are most active as well.


If you like hunting, you will get the hang of bowfishing rather fast, and you might start to like it even more than hunting. Remember that having the right bow for your fishing activity is crucial to be successful at it. Don’t use your hunting crossbow because it will not give you the best result. Choose the perfect equipment for you and decide where you will try your luck. This can become one of the most entertaining activities to enjoy with your friends and relax at the same time.

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