Jazz Gaff

Gaff is pole made with a sharp hook on the end to stab different kinds of big fishes and lift the fish into the boat. Gaffs are used to hook bid fishes or those fishes exceed the breaking point of the fishing string or pole. The jazz gaff has a telescopic insert that extends from 10.5 to 24 inches which makes it very handy especially if used on a boat. Using gaff for fishing brings you to a higher level in the field of fishing.

Jazz Gaff for Kayak Fishing

The jazz gaff has the quality top components that come with a 10.5 inches long and it is ideal for the kayaks. The gaff made with fitted lanyard and point protector. Its body is made from aluminum with a steel pointed tip section. It has a duplon-shaped handle and fitted cap that makes you worry less about its security while using or putting it on the side. It is provided with a sturdy soft rubber cover to protect the point when not in use and it easily popped off when ready to use. This tool is well-designed and made.[read more]

Must-Know Tips

  • Try to avoid the middle of the fillet, aim for the fish’s head area with your gaff.
  • Never stab at the fish.
  • Sweep the gaff toward the boat always
  • Never lift the fish’s head out of the water while waiting on the gaff.
  • Lift the gaff when the fish is ready, and close by.
  • Make sure that your boat or kayak never touches the fish when you are pulling it out of the water.
  • Avoid kids near the gaff at any time.
  • The gaff should be at the right size and hook depending on your boat and the type of fish you are targeting.

So just having your kayak and gaff is not enough. I will show you the technique to fish like a pro exclusively for you.

Plan Ahead

A successful fishing starts with a controlled set-up. Most of the anglers stop their boat or kayak to gaff a fish but with the boat, in gear the fish goes up to the surface and continues to swim forward which means, this offers a perfect timing to gaff a fish. Before you go fishing, make sure that your needed materials and equipment are ready especially your favorite gaff to hook a big one. Make sure to control the fish like dolphins and tuna. Hold the leader low and with wind-on leaders, the anglers can catch the fish almost to the rod tip.

Gear Up

In choosing the right gaff may be hard for all of us. Most professionals use quiver kind of gaffs. Use a 6-foot gaff with a 2-inch bite to secure big fish that you might catch. A hand Jazz gaff is also a great tool for handling fish and works as a convenient and excellent dehooker. Remember what Hagerich advised, “When everything is on the line, don’t screw up!”

How the Gaff Lengths Measure Up

“The length of the gaff depends on the species you want to target and the configuration of the boat.” according to Don Hutson, sales manager at Bass Pro Shops

Besides, most anglers prefer 4 to 6 feet handles which are the ideal length to touch the water in 25 to 40 feet boats. Handle lengths is one of the things you must consider with the boat size and your personal reference. The shorter the gaffs, the easier it is to store and handle however their shorter size or length needs the gaffer to wait for a clean and close shot. Since most of the anglers ideal gaff length are between 4-6 foot handles, they also have problems with gaffs that are longer than 6 feet.

The gauge of the gaff hook is related to the size of the fish being targeted. The hooks vary in size but the most adaptable are those gap that measures 2 to 4 inches with hooks made from stainless steel. The hooks are of great quality when it emphasizes corrosion assistance and strength.

But Sea Striker made simple 12-foot tournament kingfish hand gaff models with a 2 to 4 inches hooks. All gaffs are solid handhold whether that is tuna cord wraps, foam grips or a wrist lanyard. Gloves are still there to help during the critical battle at the gunwale.

Fishing Gaff Material

Aluminum and fiberglass are the most common materials used to make gaff handles. Aluminum and fiberglass, pound for pound gaffs possess similar strengths and can last for many years of usage.

The standard issue on charter boats these days is anodized-aluminum gaffs whether they are coated in gold, black, blue or silver. Based on experiments of Colleen Hopwood from Eagle Claw, “We tested our aluminum gaffs in salt-spray chambers for more than 552 hours, resulting in minimal corrosion.”

Some anglers choose the rich anodized look of aluminum, while others stick to the old-school fashion fiberglass feel of cord- wrapped handles. Fiberglass is lighter and its thick-walled E-glass construction is flexible and durable.

Top 3 Best Gaffs

1. SANLIKE Telescopic Fish Gaff

Jazz Gaff
  • It has a retractable design and convenient to carry
  • Made of stainless steel hook, high-density EVA Telescope
  • Suitable for all kinds of heavyweight fishing activities
  • Its hook is lightweight but strong enough to fight with those big fish
  • It has a 44cm (17.32 inch), expand length: 140cm (55.11 inch) / 120cm (47.24 inch)

2. AGEPOCH Hand Gaff

Jazz Gaff
  • Its hook is made from the stainless material. The body is made from aluminum alloy which has an EVA handle.
  • Its weight is 145g (0.32lbs)
  • It has 3 segments retractable design
  • Its length is 15 inches (38.5cm), expand length is 35 inches (89 cm)
  • Convenient to carry

3. Burning Shark Fishing Gaff

Jazz Gaff
  • This gaff is very durable. Its hook is made of high-grade stainless steel. The body is made of aluminum alloy
  • You can use this gaff for any situation
  • It weighs about 4.5 oz and its length is about 15.7 inches.

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