Motor Battery

If you want to choose the best trolling motor battery case on the market, we recommend you to consider MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center. A battery holder will provide you with the safest way to protect your battery and to store it safely without losing additional juices.

This particular device is a great solution especially for people who have trouble in carrying heavy-duty batteries from point A to point B. At the same time, most people use it for small boats that don’t have battery compartments.

Now we are going to present you a comprehensive guide on the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center which is the best-trolling motor battery case on the market.

Motor Battery

The best thing about it is the possibility to keep battery clean and dry in the plastic box while you’re on a boating trip. Finally, you can rest assured when it comes to battery corrosion and the possibility for water to make initial contact and to damage the battery.

The main reason why people consider outside battery boxes is to protect the battery from weather conditions. The outside battery terminals feature protection that will keep it all the time. It features plastic materials, which will cover metal parts without damaging them.

It features sturdy and robust case with a durable handle that you’ll find on the top. When buying best trolling motor battery case, you should have in mind that you will be able to carry it around with one hand due to ergonomic handles that will provide you additional comfort.

Due to the stiff strap, you will be able to secure the top and the bottom from the impact. You can see side handles that will allow you to grab it with both hands. The package comes with plastic brackets in combination with metal screws so that you can strap down the battery while lying on the floor of your boat.

You don’t have to worry about battery juice because you will get an additional feature that will stand the test of time. It contains battery charger indicator that you will find on the top of the box. This will help you measure the energy that you have in your battery, which is great for the possibility to reduce a hassle of getting out of juice.

More Features

It will help you measure energy within your battery, and you will get instruction manual that will help you understand how to use it without any additional problem. This contains two 12-volt plugs, which are quite handy especially if you want to fish finder or electric bump and charge your phone while on the boat.

Finally, you will be able to enjoy your boating trips without too much hassle. Due to two manual circuit breakers, you will get amperage protection as well as one 15 AMP for the cigarette lighter and 60 AMP for motor terminals. It will protect your battery and reduce the possibility of damage from short circuit or overload.

You will be able to find it under $60 on Amazon, which is a great solution when you compare it with other best trolling motor batteries protectors on the market. It features one-year warranty, which is not that long a deal, but you will still be able to fix it in case of damage one year after purchase.

Motor Battery
  • It features built-in circuit breakers for additional overload protection
  • Perfect for heavy-duty marine batteries for boating purposes
  • It has a robust case that will protect your battery from weather conditions
  • Simple to charge the battery with negative and positive terminals
  • Ergonomic and sturdy handles so that you can carry it without the hassle
  • 12V chargers
  • Simple to access battery terminals
  • It features built-in battery meter display so that you can check battery juice all the time


  • Compact design which is perfect for holding the battery
  • It features meter to keep track of battery juice
  • Simple to access
  • Sturdy protection against water and weather conditions
  • Affordable price tag


  • The size is compatible only for 24 and 27 size batteries
  • You won’t get battery within the package
  • It is best for small boats

Things to Consider When Buying MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center

Type Of Battery – The first thing that you should have in mind is which type of battery you use. You can choose a wide array of battery boxes based on their function and size and battery type you use. We recommend you to check your battery and find whether it fits and matches.

Brand – Second most important thing when it comes to battery box is to consider a branded version that will fit your battery. The brand is great assurance of durability and quality, and you will get longer warranty deal than choosing an unknown brand.

Smart or Traditional – Nowadays, you will be able to find two popular types of battery protectors: smart and convenient. The idea of the traditional battery case is to provide you with protection, but you have to set the cord and check battery charge status.

On the other hand, smart battery case will give you the ability to access the chords from outside, without opening it. Therefore, smart batteries come with charge meter that will allow you to check its status all the time.

Mounting Options – This is also an important consideration because you will have to check the mounting option that you will get by choosing a box. It is simple to mount, and you have to fix it with a boat to protect the battery.

Motor Battery

Bottom Line

In overall, MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center is perfect for the best trolling motor battery that you can find on the market. It features vented cover that will protect your battery all the way and provide you simple access to cables from side and top.

Due to sturdy handle that you’ll find on its side, you will be able to carry it around without too much hassle. It features circuit breaker that will protect it against overload, and you will be able to access terminal with ease. It is sturdy and robust, so you will be able to use it for years that will come.

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