Rods And Reels

Saltwater Kayak fishing is kayaking in oceans or seas (definitely different from freshwater kayak fishing). Kayaks are used in saltwater for they are more durable and not easily affected by saltwater corrosion. Most anglers prefer to Kayak fishing in oceans and seas to have more opportunity to make a greater catch. The fishing rods and reels used in freshwater kayak fishing are shorter and lighter.

However, in saltwater kayak fishing, you need an advanced or just an ordinary mapping tool, longer and heavier fishing rods and the string used are lower in diameter but have a higher density.

On the other hand, freshwater kayak fishing is kayaking in a smaller area of water like a river. The string used is lower in density and larger in diameter -which makes the baits used are different from saltwater.

Rods And Reels

Understanding the importance and quality of saltwater fishing rods lets you choose that develops and enhances your style of angling. However, many anglers don’t fully understand the importance and differences between rod actions and they even directly purchase those rods without checking the quality thoroughly. It’s not easy to find the best quality of fishing rods and reels used in saltwater kayak fishing but I’ll cover up some products below that have an excellent and great quality of fishing rods that will not disappoint your choice.

The Best Rods for Saltwater Kayak Fishing

Regardless of your favorite fishing destination, saltwater is a place where you catch big fishes that require you to have a durable, flexible and performance-oriented fishing rod.

Sabiki Rig Bait Rod (7-Foot) From Ahi USA

Sabiki Rig is one of the most famous rods. It is a light tackle setup. It uses a string of tiny hooks, designed to look more like a baitfish. When catching a big fish, just drop these Sabiki Rigs into the bait offshore and jig them up or down many times. It has three (3) piece sectional for easy transport and breakdown. It also works with both spinning and baitcasting reels.

Penn Allegiance II Inshore Spinning Rod

To catch big fishes you must have a very specialized fishing rod. This Allegiance ll Inshore Spinning Rod is probably your choice for looking to a medium-to-heavy action, 7-foot, and beast of a rod. This rod is totally expensive but it’s a heavy duty fishing rod.

Longitude Graphite ll Inshore Spinning Rod by Okuma

This fishing rod from Okuma is highest rated surf casting rods in America. It is very affordable yet a very durable one. When it comes to price and value, this fishing rod is on the overall list of best saltwater fishing rods in the world.

Reels for Saltwater Kayak Fishing

KastKing Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel 

The anglers can’t catch a fish without the help of reels. You just need to consider what product of reel you are going to use. Is it reliable? The features of the best reels include size, gear ratio, braking system, ball bearings, spool, line guide, and frame. This blog will help you know about the best rods and reels with good qualities below.

This reel is really worth the price. It is lightweight than any other reels with just only 5.7 ounces which makes it good for flicking. This reel has a dual braking system that allows you to cast light lures, it has a carbon fiber drag system with 4 plates and a great palming feel and casting power.

Shimano Casitas Baitcasting Reel

This could be a good purchase for everyone who has a bit higher budget. It ensures quick retrieval for it has 4+1 anti-rust ball bearings. It has also an S3d spool that provides no vibration on during casts. And its SVS Infinity cast control system eliminates backlash.

Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel

This reel weighs 6.7 ounces which make it light and smooth to use. Line management is good for adjustment.  It has ten double shielded ball bearings and a powerful carbon drag system.  This reel is under $150 which is priced according to great value and good performance.

3 Best Saltwater Kayak Fishing Destinations

1. Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

I believe, before you decide on your perfect spot for fishing you considered these things- scenery, perfect conditions, and of course a place where abundant of fish are located. Here are the top five best saltwater kayak fishing destinations in no particular order:

The Chesapeake Bay has 4,500 square miles of water and 11,684 shoreline miles which gives an opportunity to kayak angling. This Bay has many tourists and visitors every day just for kayak fishing. If you are interested to go there and spend some time in kayak fishing, have some fun!

2. Kona Coast, Hawaii

This coast of Hawaii is one of the blessed and abundant coasts. This coast is also known as “land of Giants”. There are thousands of tuna, albacore, grey snapper, wahoo and other large game fish and tiger sharks inhabit the area. If you are located in Hawaii, why don’t you start learning kayak fishing in Kona Coast? That sounds great, right?

3. Shelter Cove, California

This cove is located on the northern coast of California. You could catch albacore, salmon, halibut and other tasty and big fishes that can be found for just a day on the water. Many kayak fishing tournaments were hosted at Shelter Cove. Be prepared and excited to pack up all your materials for kayak fishing in Shelter Cove, California!

Enjoy the gift of nature around us. Kayak fishing in a saltwater or freshwater can be your stress reliever. Don’t forget those things that I have suggested above, those suggestions could be of help.  Wherever your destinations are, be sure to keep safe while enjoying fishing using your best rods and reels!

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