Choosing your new rods and reels is somewhat difficult because there are plenty of choices on the shelves, it’s kind of hard to choose the best one and of course, it must be in your budget. For saltwater fishing rods and reels, there is a lot to choose from.

Many anglers prefer saltwater fishing, the feeling of the soft sand they are stepping on while they cast fish give the anglers the indescribable joy. Others enjoy the daring experience of catching while they are at the boat or kayak.

Saltwater kayak fishing is actually hard, it’s not very safe, and you need to have safety measures. A life jacket is a must.

 Another risky thing in this style of fishing is the weather, there might be a sudden storm in the sea or ocean, and the kayak can’t take big waves. You should stay safe while doing the sport all the time.

It’s necessary to get rods and reels that are perfect for saltwater kayak fishing. Rods come in many shapes, you need to know the action on the rods. 

Reels, on the other hand, you must pick the one which is smooth to use. You do not want to put much effort on reeling up your catch, save some energy for another round of catch.

If you are on a budget, you need not to worry.You can have quality reels and rods without spending a fortune. Here is the list of affordable rods and reels that are under 100$ yet can do more than you think.

1. St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods


St. Croix fishing rod is the most sensitive rod you will ever find. It is ideal to use for flat and kayak fishing

It comes in handy, it is sturdy enough to hold up to bigger fish like tarpon and this is not heavy, you will not feel bothered by its weight even you carry it around all day. 

This rod is durable, it does not corrode from the saltwater if you take good care of it.

The action on St. Croix rods is fast, depends on its styles. There are four major styles of these rods: Heavy fast, Medium Fast, Medium-to-Heavy Fast, and Medium-to-Light Fast. 

The length is either 7-foot or 7-foot and 6-inches. The rods have Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide, comes with 316 stainless-steel frames. This feature has high corrosion resistance.

2. Quantum Snapshot LS20


Quantum Snapshot reel comes with a patented 2-snapshot trigger system and a six-stainless steel ball bearing system making the catch less difficult even in the hard event, it gives you smooth operation all the time. Anglers, who are meticulous, love using this reel.

The special thing about this reel is that it’s the only spinning reel that you can cast and no need to touch the line. It’s considered as one of the best reels for anglers, it has multi-stop and anti-reverse features and most and foremost, it is just under 100$. 

Other great features of Quantum Snapshot are precision machine cut brass pinion gear, corrosion-resistant graphite body, and Hydro Block watertight drag seal.

3. Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Rod Made From Carbon (Medium Action)


These on the go Fiblink rods is one of the popular travel spinning rods. The package has 4 pieces of rods and they are portable. 

You will like using this, fish will have no doubt on biting on this rod. This rod is lightweight and has a sensitive feel, easy to tell if you have a fish on your bait.

You can use this rod in any type of fishing conditions, it’s powerful because of the material it is made up of, and the carbon construction is the reason why the rod is strong. 

It is also a corrosion resistant stainless steel perfect for saltwater fishing.

4. Penn Pursuit II


Penn Pursuit rods are popular because of its long-lasting quality. The body is graphite with the price lower than you expected. 

The ball bearing is not easy to corrode in the salt water because it is enclosed with rust-resistant properties. Moreover, it is made to last long though it is not good to use for heavy fishing because it only has four ball bearing systems.

But it has an infinite anti-reverse and with a maximum line capacity of 525 yards.  It can drag up to 25 pounds of fish. 

This rod has machined and anodized aluminum spool and the handle is user-friendly, it’s easy and comfortable to reel.

 5. Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo From Lew’s Fishing


The Mach 1 combo bagged home the award for the best rod and reel combo in ICAST Fishing Conference last year. 

It is known that it has been designed with high school and college in mind, the price is low but the performance is remarkable. This rod and reel combo is a lightweight one-piece with graphite frame and side plates.

It has the premium 10-bearing system with Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing which helps you have smooth fishing experience. 

The Mach I is durable and the grips help lightens the weight and is still comfortable to use. The fishing rod is made from one-piece IM6 graphite blank. The casting reel is lightweight but still and sturdy.


Fishing is fun and saltwater kayak fishing is more exciting. With the right gears for the sport, you will enjoy it more. There are plenty of choices of rods and reels perfect for saltwater kayak fishing

You can save much more if you are thrifty and knows a lot about the necessity of this sport. You must be knowledgeable and should not waste your bucks on something you can get for a lower price.

There are a lot of rods and reels that are cheaper than and also as functional as the expensive ones.  You need not spend to gears which cost an arm and a leg to enjoy fishing. 

You will be surprised to know that the cheaper rods and reels can work more than what they cost. Choose wisely and spend according to your budget.

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