A lot of people use waders in different occupations whose work involves entering wet environments. Some do not work in wet environments but require full body protection from the work environment. Either way, the Waist Waders Stocking Foot is here to do the job for you.

Waders are usually not one of the best fitting clothes on the market, and it is often hard to find the perfect fit. The  Waist Waders Stocking Foot comes with an adjustable chest toggle, a waistband and an elasticated adjustable pair of suspenders that enable you to fit it to your body size.

Product Description

The  Waist Waders Stocking Foot is a waterproof wader that can offer about 20m resistance to water. Most people work in damp environments or directly on water bodies, and they are often scared of their waders failing and soaking their entire clothes up from leaks often.

waist waders

With the Waist Waders Stocking Foot, you should not worry about that anymore, as it lets you stand submerged for a very long time without showing a trace of failing. This remarkable ability of the Waist Waders Stocking Foot is due to its triple layer fabric nature, and this triple layer fabric is also responsible for its breathability.

The triple layer protection feature is one of the unique features you do not find on every wader on the market today. The Waist Waders Stocking Foot does well to balance out the water resistance feature and the breathability at the same time.

It means that the wader is entirely waterproof and still lets your body breather well and with a breathability factor of 4.000mvp. Another remarkable feature of the Waist Waders Stocking Foot is the quilted insulation layer on the inside.

The quilted layer is to ensure that you keep warm irrespective of how cold the water feels. One way the quilt layer does this is by insulating your body temperature by blocking the heat generated by the body from escaping; making sure you do not lose the body heat you produce over the period you used in the water.

The presence of the chest toggles and the flexible parts of the  Waist Waders Stocking Foot are to ensure that you can tailor fit it to your body, rather than running through the market looking for the one closest to your body size.


Waterproof Pocket Zipper: Apart from the comfort the  Waist Waders Stocking Foot seems to offer, some features are just handy, and would be very useful whenever you need them. One of these features is the deluxe hand warmer front pocket that possesses a water-repellent zipper.

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The pocket is ideal for keeping your hands warm and also keeping your accessories warm while you do whatever you do in the water. It comes in handy especially when you need to have some accessories right there with you, and the accessory is not waterproof.

Accessories in this scenario can also include your mobile phone, and the pocket is one of the few places you can keep your phone if you were to have it with you.

2 D-Ring Tool Holder: Ease of carrying tools while working is one crucial factor in many occupations today. Working in the water would cause you to have a limited number of tools to carry, and it would be cumbersome always to have to return to shore to grab another tool.

The 2 D-Rings on the come in handy to enable you to attach some tools; maybe 2 to 4, to the rings so you can work without having to return to the shore much.

If you thought the  Waist Waders Stocking Foot could not get any better, then it is a mistake for you. The waistband used in this type of Wader comes with an inbuilt back support mechanism.

You can position the back support mechanism expertly in the small part of your back to provide you the support you would need to last for a very long time standing in a body of water.


  • Easy to put on
  • Ability to maintain body temperature
  • High water resistance
  • Ability to carry light accessories
  • Waterproof front zipper included
  • Hand warming and waterproof front pockets


  • One size fits all
  • Various sizes are available but seem to be a little bit pricey


If anyone is considering the Waist Waders Stocking Foot, the following should be considered

Water Permeability Protection: This is a significant consideration as no one would want a cloth that leaks in a short time. Make sure to check that the waterproof protection is still functioning well before you pay for it.


The temperature on the surface of the water is undoubtedly low, but the temperature at the bottom is one to worry about. The temperature of the lower parts of water is usually smaller than the top that is exposed to the sun. And you would need a way of retaining your body temperature if you can’t increase it.

Insulation is the word used to describe this, and the wader must be able to insulate your body or else you would begin to feel the cold set in on your body sooner than you would expect.


Any wader you wear must not be a burden to you. Check the materials used to make it, the individual components and the entire makeup of the wader top see if it suits you.

Finishing Touch

The Waist Waders Stocking Foot has done well to possess the necessary features required of a wader. It is designed to meet most of the needs of its user, if not all, and to also do so to a very remarkable degree. It is unique wader, and it is a recommended choice. However, the option to use it is based on your discretion


At the end, this article was a description of the best Waist Waders Stocking foot to help make your choice. Unfortunately, this reference is not produced anymore so have a look on the link below we have been able to choose one similar with better Price.

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