Kayak Fishing

Saltwater kayaking has been gathering more and more fans all over the world these days. And to do the sport much more comfortable you must have the best gear. 

Choosing the right equipment and clothing is also important in saltwater kayaking, the reason is not only for comfort and to stay dry while doing the activity but also to help you have a big catch.

The outfit for saltwater kayaking is the key to mobile easily in the vessel. Footwear is one of the most important things in this activity. 

Wet and slippery surface everywhere, you don’t want to slip and dive out of the kayak accidentally. You will be needing a pair of footwear that has traction, enough to grip onto to surface. Also, you need shoes that can keep your feet dry.

There are plenty of companies making footwear ideally for fishing. They are known as boat shoes, water shoes, or fishing shoes, perfect to be worn in wet surroundings. Just a pair of kayak shoe can make a difference in your performance when you are doing kayak fishing.

The ordinary kinds of shoes are not suitable to be used in fishing, for example, sneaker and imagine you are wearing a pair of socks then your feet are soaking wet after the activity then you are still wearing those going home. Very uncomfortable and sloppy, right?

You may think that flip-flops can be used in kayak fishing. Yes, they can be used in a wet environment and they let your feet dry faster but they don’t give the support you should have when you are walking on rocky floors and they are not strong enough, they may be broken any minute when you have a misstep.

Why You Need to Wear Footwear for Kayaking

Shoes for kayaking just look like other ordinary shoes but they have special features perfect to use in wet areas. They are made to give the wearer’s feet stability and more importantly, comfort when you are tracking on the rocky roads.

Quality is one of the elements that are very important in kayak footwear. They are not easy to be broken. They can dry fast that it feels like they haven’t been soaked. The shoes for kayaking are like tennis shoes. 

The toe area is closed and there’s rubber traction to keep you on the ground even it’s wet or slippery. They keep you away from accidents from slipping the sole of the shoes. They also keep your feet away from stabbing with sharp objects and they keep the feet warm.

Kayak Fishing

What to Consider in Buying Shoes for Saltwater Kayaking


You already know what size of shoes you have, you need to get a pair of shoes that fit well and is perfect for the adventure you are going. Choose a pair that is not too tight but not too comfy either. 

Most kayaking shoes make a suction when they absorb water, this may result in skin irritation and can give you blister if your shoes are too tight or too loose.

Just get shoes which give stability when you are in the waters and must not slipping off your feet. Many kayaking shoes have bigger size than what they were said to be. The feeling with the shoes on when dry is not the same as when they are wet.


There are a lot of styles of kayaking shoes to choose from. Usually, they look like tennis shoes. There are some that look like boots. Other just look like Crocs, with strap on or just like slip on shoes. They all do the same job. 

Kayak Fishing


Same as what sweatsuits are made of, kayaking shoes is also made up of neoprene rubber. This material makes the shoe sturdy and provides warmth in the shoes. 

Many kayaking shoes add titanium for durability and have more protection to your feet. The sole is rubber, convenient to walk on a rocky surface and safe to step on broken glass.


Heavy shoes are surely not your first choice of kayak fishing. You don’t want to be wearing footwear that weighs like a large rock. It’s difficult to move around with weighty shoes on. 

Kayaking shoes are made lightweight and just easy to lift when your foot dip in the mud. The right kayaking shoes should feel like you are not wearing any shoes.


Seasons and weather change from time to time. Choosing the right shoes for the season is important too. Get a pair of footwear that can keep your feet warm and must dry fast. 

Consider the temperature of the environment when picking shoes. You don’t want to get hypothermia, it happens on the water so fast. 

Better to purchase booties and boots, they can cover your feet well and protect you from feeling cold. Meanwhile, when it’s warmer out there, it doesn’t feel good if your feet are sweating in your shoes. You must choose a pair that is breathable.

Kayak Fishing


Saltwater kayaking is adventurous and fun as well. To enjoy more, you must have the right equipment and wear the right apparel to do the sport more comfortably. 

Always remember to just bring the necessity only and accord your outfit to the weather. For the shoes, wear the right pair for the activity, always consider the season and also the materials they are made of.

Most people want to have quality shoes for saltwater kayaking that can make their feet protected from sharp objects like rocks or shattered bottles. others are more concerned with the temperature outside, they want their feet to stay warm.

Brands and styles of kayaking shoes do not really matter when doing the sport. The important thing is that they do the job well. It’s just the same with your life vest, the shoes must protect you.

You must remember that at the end of the day, your feet will suffer if you don’t wear a good pair of shoes for saltwater kayaking. 

You do not want your feet to be soaking wet until you reach your home. You’d prefer to have dry feet and have comfortable feeling during and after fishing.

You should think of the surroundings and be safe always on the water. And most and foremost, enjoy saltwater fishing and have more adventures and good experiences to come.

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