Trolling motors are very popular nowadays. People are now fond of their favorite hobby, fishing. It includes electric motors and controls to perform to its highest and excellent performance. Besides, we can see different types of motor brands.

Since trolling motor’s popularity is going higher and higher, many companies decided to make new and excellent trolling motors that could reach the customer’s satisfaction. Trolling motor qualities are not all the same. That’s why, each company are making trolling motors according to their best standards and good quality.

Trolling motors help you to drag your lure to entice the targets out of their underwater hiding places. So most of these models are suitable for fresh and saltwater.

Importance of a Brand

It is very important to know the brand of a certain product and helps us distinguish what brand we are using. But it also gives us the knowledge on how they take care and produce the product. It improves recognition, creates trust, and generates customers.

Things to Consider when Buying a Trolling Motor

Aside from knowing the brand of a trolling motor, it is also important to know the things to when buying it. Here are the following:


You have to know where to put your trolling motor either to put it on the stern or the bow. A stern motor is much easier to control and gives a good amount of power for small boats. A bow type motor is ideal for those with big or long boats specifically with a shaft space for it.


Actually Voltage varies on the size of your boat and the duration of your fishing trip. Trolling motor batteries are at 12V, 24V, and 36V. Be sure to purchase a better battery for they will stay longer in your journey.

Tech Features

Nowadays, there are many trolling motors that are produced most of the time. They come with high-tech features like digital displays that will bring you on the next level. With these high-tech features, a trolling motor will give you analysis of the water’s depth while enjoying your travel ate the speed you prefer. Some features might be extras but they will make your job a lot easier.

Material and Performance Factors

Brand will not carry it all. The materials, performance and quality do. Be sure to see the quality construction- the durability, performance and materials it used. Speed- the forward and back ward movements. Steering- be sure that your trolling motor is receptive and sensitive when it comes to navigation.

What are the Trolling Motor Brands?

There are different kinds of trolling motor brands around the world. I will show you the top brands that most anglers and fishers love.

1. Outsunny Transom

The Outsunny Transom is made to any type of water so you can enjoy all your adventures without worrying about corrosion. It is good to push three to four people even in a small fishing boat without draining your battery. But it has different positions lever lock bracket. It is surprisingly quiet at full speed.

Besides, Outsunny Transom models have durable shaft that is made of composite materials and a telescoping handle. So there are only few comments about this product but it has very good reviews. People are saying that the motor runs great on all of the different speed settings and it runs for a long time on a single charge. Moreover, so many people said that this trolling motor is at a great price and would be an excellent option.

2. Aquos Haswing

Haswing is properly owned and operated by two generations of design and manufacturing engineers. To help keep costs down, their factory or production is located in China. But these brand of trolling motor controls all aspects of design. Their engineers listen to the needs and wants of their customers to develop their production of trolling motors.

This Aquos Haswing brand has one of the major features a trolling motor must have,  the height adjuster which allows you to regulate it easily weather in a calm or turbulent waters. It is designed for a convenient and safety usage. Aquous Haswing brand is suitable for resh and saltwater which also has a tilting lever with 6 settings.

3. Minn Kota

This Minn Kota brand is good and nice combination of power and performance. It is designed to perform minimal noise while efficient use of battery that gives you more time to catch your big targets. This trolling motor has a lifetime warranty on the shaft. Its handle is comfortable and sensitive and gets hung up in weeds easily. Moreover, Minn Kota’s trolling motors are built to last, outperform and outmuscle.

According to them, they make the toughest and most innovative and creative trolling motors for fresh and saltwater fishing.

4. NewPort Vessels

This trolling motor features a strong fiberglass shaft and a heavy-duty mount which gives you stability as you navigate on your journey on fresh and saltwater. Also it offers forward speeds and three reverse in order for you to customize your approach on wind and other factors. These trolling motors of Newport Vessels are easy to see battery meter and their mounting bracket is just simple to adjust. It has also 6 inches of telescoping handle.

It has designed a collection of electric boat motors which composed with high grade stainless steel and zinc which gives you many options to choose. So all Newport Vessel trolling motors can be used in mud boats, inflatable boats, sailboats, jon boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, canoes and etc. According to them, they are very confident and proud to offer their best kayak and canoe trolling motor on the market.

5. Watersnake

The Watersnake trolling motor has the maneuverability and versatility to handle different kinds of marine environments. Besides, its motor remains reliable and quiet when you are out on the water. It comes with a one-year warranty only. This trolling motor brand is suitable and ideal for kayaks and canoes. It has a durable 3 blade weed less prop and can be mounted on transom or bow.

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