If you like to go fishing, you should be able to enjoy your hobby regardless of the season. While most fishers go to catch their prey mostly during spring and summertime, you can also do it all year round. However, you need to be well equipped to fish in autumn and winter. This guide will show you all you need to enjoy a great fishing time during autumn and winter!

Fishing During Autumn

If you are planning to go fishing in September, October, or November, you have to expect certain changes and adapt to them. The type of fish you can go for will be different than the one you can fish during the summer. Here are some adjustments you will need to make to make the most out of your autumn fishing session!

NWA Democrat-Gazette/FLIP PUTTHOFF The Elk River near Pineville Mo, is peaceful, quiet and ideal for fishing during autumn. Russ Tonkinson of Rogers enjoys a float-fishing trip Oct. 30, 2015.

You Will Have To Use Bigger Lures

The small baits that you might be used to will not do the trick for the autumn season. Before you make any other changes, you should adopt the types of bait you use to catch your fish. Autumn increases the metabolism of the fish which is why bigger lures will help you in these conditions. Fish can adapt quite naturally to the change of seasons. For once, they will eat more during the autumn season to get ready for the cold season.

Choose Your Location Wisely

During autumn, certain fish species will migrate for different purposes. Predators will chase locations that are full of small fish they can eat. So, if you are going fora predator type of fish, you should know the areas they like to hang out at as the cold season comes. If you are going for baitfish, you should try fishing in creek, rivers or harbors. Here is where the baitfish com during autumn, and some predator fish follow them.

Be Patient As The Fish Moves A Lot Slower

This is a common point for late autumn and winter. The colder the water gets, the more your fish prey will slow down. You will have to be a lot more patient and get ready to spend many hours to catch something. At the same time, any sudden movement or noise can scare your fish and delay your prey even more,

Fishing During Winter

Fishing during the months of winter is very interesting as a hobby but also as a unique experience. There are more species that you might be able to catch during these cold times. Freshwater fish multiply a lot more, and they grow up more also as the weather gets colder. But you need to be ready to take this type of fishing to its highest standards of satisfaction.

Get All Your Fishing Equipment That You Will Need

This is a crucial aspect. You will not be able to catch the fish you want during winter if you are not ready for it. Lubricate your reels right so they will work smoothly and produce as little noise as possible.

Also, make sure to use a line that will not get tangled. If you get knots in your line, this can be very frustrating, and it can delay your fishing adventure. Monofilament lines can be extremely hard to manage during cold temperatures. The same goes for fluorocarbon ones. But to prevent such hazards you can use a special conditioner that will keep your line straight and untangled. So, such a conditioner would be an investment well made if you want to go fishing during the winter season!

Choose Your Location Wisely

The spots you used to like to go fishing during summertime might not be ideal for winter fishing. Decide what type of fish you want to catch and use specialized websites to see where it is more likely to find it. You can’t go fishing during winter days without proper research to rely on.

Also, check the lake level and different conditions that you might have to deal with on the spot. If the lake is very high, you might not be able to catch as much fish as you are planning on. The same goes for the lakes that are overflowing.

Decide On The Right Time To Go Fishing

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You want to plan your fishing trip not only according to your schedule but also according to the weather. Weather conditions have a great influence on different fish species. For instance, many species tend to be more active right before a cold front.

A barometric pressure that is lower than the norm will also hive you a good hint. Fish feel this pressure and become more active when it is low, so they rest more when the pressure is high. As far as the hours that you should go fishing go, the best time frame seems to be between 10 am and 4 pm.

This is particularly true for winter months, so don’t apply the same rule during spring or summer. You will also like this time frame for your comfort as the temperatures are a lot better than during the night or early morning and evening.

Bottom Line

As you can see, going fishing should be an activity that you can enjoy all year round. If you never went fishing during autumn and winter, this guide will help you. You don’t need to add major changes to your equipment as long as you consider the small aspects we mentioned above. Keep in mind that you should be considering the fish life for these months and try to anticipate its move. It depends greatly on the type of fish you want to catch and also the fishing areas you have available near your location.

But overall, fishing during these colder seasons can be very rewarding and exciting even for beginners! Some fishermen appreciate that it is even easier to catch some good fish in the winter than it is in the warmer seasons. So, get your fishing tools and discover what the waters have to offer you!

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