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Outdoor activities are usually known to be enjoyed by men but women can cope up with what men do. There are many in the lists, for example, hiking, camping, and fishing. But good fishing gears are essentials.

Well, women can fish too, it is one of the easiest activities to do. Moreover, fishing is refreshing, because of the nature surrounding while doing the activity, you will feel relaxed and in the waters, you are away from a stressful environment like work or something about life.

The joy you feel when you catch your first fish is unforgettable. For first-timers out there, you need to know the basic information which helps you to catch your first fish ever.

You must have some knowledge about the things you will be using and where is the ideal place to fish.

Fishing Gears

Unlike other activity, fishing is an affordable sport. Fishing gears are easy to find, they are available in many stores for fishing supplies. Here is the list of basic fishing gears you will be needing.

Fishing Pole

fishing gears

A fishing pole is a very important equipment to fish. Choosing a rod and reel combo is quite difficult for people who have no experience in fishing.

You may be thinking that you can just get any fishing pole because they just all work the same but that’s not true. There are rods and reels designed differently specially made for every fishing style.

Just one rule to follow here, keep it simple, select a medium action rod. A medium action rod is perfect to catch fish weighing up to 20 pounds.


fishing gears

Fishing lines depend on its strength on the diameter and materials they are made up of. There may be a case you would see two lines both have same material but have a different diameter, smaller diameter lines are weaker, it can only pull up smaller fish, but larger diameter lines are stronger compare the smaller ones.

Also, the materials of the line are important to be checked too. It’s important to know the different ways of knotting the lines to the hook.

Fishing Ledgers

 fishing gears

It is also called fishing weight or sinker. It helps the hook to go stay down in the water and to have more casting distance.

There are a lot of weights to choose from but for beginners, better to use basic split shot weights, they are cheaper than the others and it is handy to place on the line.


 fishing gears

Hooks are the one that directly catches the fish. Hook sizes and styles to be used depending on the kind of fish you are aiming to catch. But for the basic use, stick with the J-hook, it is traditional and functional.

Many fishermen also recommend french hook. The smallest size ranges at a number 32, good to use to catch smaller fish, and the largest hook sizes 19/0.


fishing gears 

Floaters, also called bobber, works as an indicator that there’s a fish biting the hook already. The floater sinks when a fish bites.

You have to Reel in your catch immediately when that happens. Common floaters people know are the round plastic ones with red and white color.

Round floaters are easy to attach to the line but it limits the depth of casting a line. You can also use the slip bobber, it lets the hook go down deeper in the water.


fishing gears

A live bait is the best one to use for fishing but many women out there who are scared of moving lively baits.

There are options for you on what to use, fishing lures and plastic worms, fake baits are now a thing in fishing. But if you are into a very traditional fishing, live wiggly worms are the best ones, fish instantly put their attention to your hook.

Plastic Worms and Lures

If you really do not like jelly kind of live worms, you can choose to use plastic worms or lure. Plastic worms come in different colors and kind but one color people swear by, the purple plastic worm.

It has caught a lot of basses. You can try other colors to know which one is also good to use. The other option is the lures.

There is a lot of variety of lures, from spoons to fish figures. This one can trick fish to think it is a really small fish. It’s up to you what bait you want to use in fishing.

Tackle Bag


A bag where you put your fishing equipment and needs. For the first timers there, you have to have this.  You need to organize the gears and it must be comfortable to carry around anywhere.

Tackle bag must not be heavy because when you go fishing you need to move from one place to another to get more fish, you don’t just stay in one spot, and of course, you will be needing the gears in the bag.

Needle Nose Pliers

You might be wondering what is this for, well, it is really necessary to have. You will be needing a needle nose pliers to get the hook from the fish after you catch them. Don’t forget to bring this kind of pliers every time you go fishing.

First Aid Kit


Just to be prepared with whatever events may happen, better to take a small first aid kit with you when you go fishing.

There is probability you might get hurt, hopefully not much, for example, catching a hook in your fingers or falling from the spot you are fishing at and have scraped knees. Be a girl scout and be ready all the time.

It does not have to be a big kit, you just need to have waterproof medical tape, band-aids, ointments, small bandages, and some medicines.


fishing gears

Of course, fishing is an outdoor sport, you will be under the sun for a long time before getting a lot of fish. Wear sunscreen and be sure to apply more on your face. Always take a bottle of sunscreen with you, in case you forget to apply before you head out from home.

Have fun on your first catch. Remember these things you will be needing when you go fishing. Always be prepared and know how to use each of the gears beforehand. You must have patience and be persistent, do not give up easily. You need to focus on fishing well to get better skills.

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